Amb Guggwa Hooks Youthful Lover to fit New Role

RedPepper Snoops – It looks like motor-mouthed Muslim cleric Sheikh Sulaiman Lubega Guggwa is trying to upgrade everything about himself. Snoops reveal that Guggwa is swimming in new love with fresh youthful blood.

Snoops intimates that Guggwa is head over heels with a new babe only identified as Shelina and the two have realized that their affair is ripe for the public eye.

The Sheikh who was last year appointed the deputy head of Saudi Arabia Mission has been telling close friends that he is enjoying the new love of Shelina and is vowing to follow her rules and demands.

Sheikh Sulaiman Lubega Guggwa

The new lovebirds unveiled themselves to the general public last week when the flamboyant sheikh organized a birthday party for Shelina at a hideout in Kasangati, a Kampala suburb.

The party was attended by Shelina’s close pals and Sheikh’s well-wishers. Meanwhile, what left everyone wondering is whether the Muslim cleric has already notified his official lovers about his newfound fresh love that is joining ‘Hakis’queue.

Sheikh Guggwa rose to sheer fame and to be known by people especially non-Muslims from his utterances he made the time he was given a chance to sit in president Museveni’s car to which he said that even if he dies right away, and doesn’t go to Jannah (Paradise), he already gone to it or seen it by sitting in the presidents’ car.

These words angered a section of the public. Guggwa is also known for authoring a book about

President Yoweri Museveni, entitled ‘Achievements of YK Museveni to the Muslim Community. He was the Kampala Regional khadi in the Muslim society.

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