Chandiru in sorry state in Nairobi, Begs EX

Nairobi | RedPepper Digital – Information coming in from Nairobi Kenya indicates how former queen of music Jackie Chandiru has finally given up on music.

A source has informed us that the singer has decided to give up even after trying to give it a second chance after her drug addiction saga.

The ‘Gold Digger’ singer is struggling with survival and ways of reigniting her past glory of good living.

Jackie flew to Nairobi in search of fresh start again two years back. Using her former music connections, she joined a ruthless group of musicians in Nairobi she thought would bring her back to the music scene. Two years down the road, Jackie has failed to shine again.

Rumors back here in Uganda allege that city lawyer Caleb Alaka is secretly doing whatever it takes to bring her back to Kampala since the two were very close many years back.

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