FRUITFUL: Butembe Voters In Cloud Nine As Their MP Zijan Tops Best Performers in 100 Days

A saying by an American scholar and organizational consultant Warren Gamaliel Bennis that; “Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality’’, has been practically witnessed by Butembe County Voters in Jinja, after their Member of Parliament emerged the best in the first 100 days of the 11th House.

Since their inauguration in May this year, the new MPs had about three months to make their first shining impressions through debate on the floor of the house.

An independent analysis of the Hansard, the official parliamentary record, shows that throughout the plenary sittings in the first 100 days of the 11th, Hon. David Livingstone Zijan has topped other legislators inside the house and already made his sanguine mark.

Hon.David Zijan Taking Oath

The other 99 Mps include a majority from Opposition parties NUP and FDC , and a section of the ruling NRM Legislators.

Similar to what the Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah indicated recently about the mandatory quality debate by Members of 11th Parliament, Zijan has exhibited a unique and memorable legacy in the 100 days as a people-centred legislator.

Accordingly, constituents are energized following their representative raising not only the Butembe flag but the whole Busoga region after wholly performing four major roles of an MP.

‘’Despite the lockdowns as a result of COVID-19 Pandemic , Hon. Zijan has been holding hybrid consultative meetings with the constituents through the local leadership, updating us on the activities of Parliament and government policies, and gathering our views and concerns on issues which affect our livelihood. Therefore his first-rate performance is inevitable ’’, said one of the elders.

Sarah Naikoba , a resident of Kakira  says they are not surprised by Zijan’s performance given their legslator’s previous record before he became an MP.

‘’As Butembe stakeholders we expected this. Zijan embarked on transforming this constituency even before going to parliament .Prior to his exposure both locally and outside Uganda, he has touched Education, Health among other social empowerment programs. His result oriented method of work definitely proves his performance in the house’’,Naikoba told our reporter.

It should be noted that the role of an MP include; Legislation (debate and pass laws through which the institutions of government endeavour to guide the country’s process), Budget Approval/Appropriation (analyse and pass/approve the national Budget every financial year.

Other roles are; Oversight (Monitor and bring to the attention of Ministers and the public, government misuse of funds, violations of rule of law and unlawful activities and Representation which involves bringing to the attention of relevant Ministers different matters of national concern.

The 11th Parliament officially opened on 24 May 2021, with the election of Speaker Jacob Oulanya and his deputy Anita Among. The election of the speakers followed the swearing in of 527 MPs.

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