In Hot Soup! Rubirizi RDC faces probe

Kampala/Rubirizi | RedPepper – The Office of the President has launched investigations into corruption and bribery allegations against one of their officials – a Residential District Commissioner (RDC).

In the leaked audio recording that has been widely shared on social media, a voice resembling that of Harriet Nahamya, the RDC Rubirizi is heard appearing to solicit a bribe from an audibly troubled elderly woman in exchange for justice in a family property brawl.

The hopeless lady is heard pleading with the RDC for her intervention to which she heartlessly demands three hundred thousand shillings as the price for her services.

The Presidential envoy further pledges to direct the magistrate on the case to issue certified documents transferring the property into the names of the lady should she positively respond by depositing the cash on her mobile phone.

The saga has since caused a storm among the public, attracting the attention of the Presidency in the process.

Sources inside the Milly Babalanda led institution has reliably intimated to Pepper Digital that the matter has since been picked for investigations for purposes of bringing the culprit to book.

In her inaugural speech on July 9 as Minister in Charge of the Presidency, Babalanda emphasised that her tenure would employ a zero-tolerance to corruption, and asked whoever planned to engage in such vices to rather resign.

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