PM Nabbanja, MP Ssemujju Go Native

Kampala | RedPepper Digital– The cold war between Prime Minister, Robinah Nabbanja and Ibrahim Ssemujju (Kira Municipality) has now reached a boiling point with the two going native and hitting at each other below the belt.

The former is concerned over what she calls incessant attacks directed at her by the latter following her appointment as Premier by President Museveni in June.

Nabbanja’s attack followed complaints raised by Ssemujju who accused the Premier of dodging other Parliament’s sittings and only come for the Prime Minister’s question time and leaving Thomas Tayebwa (Government Chief Whip) to carry out her duties.

Ssemujju on Thursday 2,  remarked, “The Leader of Government Business is supposed to be here leading Government. She only comes here to answer questions, leaving former FDC Youth Leader to do the rest. The procedural issue I am raising is whether the Prime Minister must not be coming here to lead her team, abandon her work to Tayebwa whose job is described as mobilising MPs questions.”

Like a panther waiting on her prey, Nabbanja ceased on the moment to launch a spirited attack against Ssemujju, demanding he explains to Parliament why the Kira Municipality MP has turned to castigate her into his newly found career.

“When I was appointed Prime Minister, my brother, he claims to be my friend, ably went on TV and claimed I can’t even manage a garbage company. I have been watching him on TV castigating; I feel I want to ask him in front of everybody because I think enough is enough, what is it that you want from me as an individual?” asked Nabbanja.

Although the NRM MPs cheered in support of the Premier, the Opposition MPs rose in a protest calling out the Premier for being out of order, for using the Parliament platform to resolve what they termed as personal issues with Ssemujju.

Ssemujju launched a counterattack but was cut short by Deputy Speaker Among, saying the Premier was only defending herself against accusations she is a perpetual dodger of plenary sittings.

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“If the Prime Minister focused on answering, I certainly wouldn’t be here on order. But for her to suggest on broad daylight that there is something I want from her…,” said Ssemujju.

It should be recalled that following her appointment in June, Ssemujju took a swipe at President Museveni’s decision to appoint Nabbanja to replace former Premier Ruhakana Rugunda, saying no company worth a name even in garbage collection can appoint her as CEO.

President defended his choice of Ministers, saying he emulated Jesus Christ who overlooked Pharisees to appoint fishermen as his disciples.

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