SUICIDE! Man Takes Own Life over failure to provide family necessities

Rukungiri | RedPepper Digital – Residents of Rukungiri village were gripped with shock after a youthful man took his own life amid allegations of failure to provide family necessities

Elly Maate, the Kigezi region spokesperson identified the deceased as Luice Beinomugisha, 32, a resident of Furuma village, Karangaro ward, Western division in Rukungiri Municipality.

It’s alleged that on 11th September 2021, the deceased failed to provide necessities for his family an act that resulted in his wife Katushabe Penelope shifting to the mother in law’s home at Isheruro village, Kyatooko ward, Eastern division in Rukungiri Municipality together with their three children.

Maate asserts that when the family members left, the deceased remained alone and the neighbours would hardly see him around.

On the 23rd September 2021, at around 5 pm, Beinomugisha disappeared totally and a close neighbour Kamugisha Docus informed other neighbours of his disappearance.

Maate says that the residents checked the deceased’s home and found it locked from inside this prompted the entire village to organize to trace for the deceased but all in vain until on Saturday, September 25th  2021 at around 7: 30am when the area chairperson Boaz Turyasingura decided to break into the house where he was found hanging in the sitting room.

“He used part of a mosquito net that was tied on the roof,” said Turyasingura.

The area chairperson notified the Police at Central police station Rukungiri who visited the scene, did the postmortem and handed over the body to the relatives for burial.

The case of suicide by hanging has been registered at Rukungiri Central police station under Reference number CRB 1350/2021.

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