Former ORYX boss Amoro in hot soup over debts

Former ORYX boss Amoro Joseph. (COURTESY PHOTO)

Andinda and Ariyo advocates on behalf of imperial Gas Uganda limited have slapped a demand cum notice of intention to sue to city businessman, Amoro Joseph, the boss of Altar oils Africa based in Bugolobi over failure to pay huge sum of money amounting to a tune of Ugx 64,853,550 (around UGX65m).

According to bosses at Imperial Gas energy, Joseph has played hide and seek games with them and have been left with no choice but to sue him.

Documents we have obtained from Andinda and Ariyo advocates indicate that on 26th August 2021, Imperial Gas energies supplied fuel to Joseph’s Altar Oils Africa worth Ugx230,523,550 and a cheque no.000234 was issued for the said payment to Stanbic Bank Account Number no.9030019264296.

Later alone on 14th September 2021, the deposited Cheque was bounced by the bank. Joseph went on to pay some amounts of money and reduced the debt to Ugx 64,853,553.

Today it is now months when Joseph has failed to clear the said balance. Despite endless calls and efforts to get Joseph, he has played hard to get. This has frustrated Imperial Gas bosses and has resorted to seeking legal advice.

According to documents, Joseph has been given a deadline of only 10 days to pay his debts or risk being dragged to courts of law. He is supposed to pay an extra UGX5m as legal fees.

Sources very close to Joseph have revealed to us that this is not the first time he has played games with clients.

He has issued many different cheques to his clients on different occasions. He was fired from Oryx fuel company over the same allegations.

Former ORYX BOSS Amoro on wedding day

A source who preferred unanonymity told us that Joseph’s company is operating on debts and has hopes of fleeing the country back to Kenya since he has no Ugandan documents permitting him to work from here.

We have further landed on allegations of some unbecoming behaviours with his female staff. One female staff member who left his company told us this allegation.

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