Komuntale takes a break from hubby

Komuntale and Hubby

Word on the streets of Boston where Toro Princess Ruth Komuntale lives has it that she took weeks on what has been termed as a break from her hubby. A highly placed source has revealed to us that Komuntale left her home three weeks back to her mother’s home many miles away. A source further tells us that by the look of things all seems not well.

This unverified information is that Komuntale and her newly wedded man Phil Thomas developed misunderstandings. We are yet to land on finer details about the so-called break.

Ever since Komuntale met Phil Thomas, she has been using social media to spread their love but when we visited their social media pages, Komuntale posted on her Instagram almost a month now. This has raised eyebrows amongst their staunch followers on the internet. This is a developing story, we shall keep you updated.

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