Music paid my fees from P7-S4- Rising star Qka Abey

PEPPER ENTERTAINMENT| Qka Abey is the latest new addition to the music industry. Away from being Singer Victor Ruz’s elder brother, Qka Abey has used his soothing voice to get where he is now. His latest hit song Kankuleke is trending and topping Ugandan airwaves. We hunted him down and talked about life, love and life..

Who is Qka Abey?

Real names Chuka Abel and stage name Qka Abey. I am a Musoga, born and raised from Jinja, a graduate with a bachelor’s Degree in ICT from Multitech business school, musically working with retro records which also signed my biological brother Victor Ruz.

And your music journey, where did it begin from?

My musical journey started way back from primary (Bupadhengo Primary school kamuli) where I never paid fees due to music, same thing happened at jinja senior secondary school when I composed a song in praise of the school and by then Headteacher MRS Dianah Hope Nyabo, she gave me a full bursary for all my 0’level, so I didn’t pay tuition from S.1 the second term till S4.

Among all industries, why did you join the controversial music industry?

Because of passion. Passion drives me a lot in everything I do

Is Music your full-time job? What did you study or do apart from music?

No music isn’t my full-time job. I am a graduate with a degree in information and communication Technology but I am not employed in that sector. I do farming and have also started dealing in produce with my PR Kessy rights.

Growing up as a young boy, what sort of character were you?

Humble that is what I can say; growing up from a very staunch Christian family, where our mum is a pastor. She gave us nothing but to live a humble church life.

Let’s talk about your new song, What is the song all about? Who wrote it and recorded it?

Yes, I have songs I had done before I gave myself a break due to the heartbreak I got. I have songs like Musayi which I did with DKing and came to me where I featured Hindu Asha all available online.

About kankuleke. I wrote this song myself after being heartbroken not only by my former music boss but also my girlfriend that I had loved with my whole life, the worst thing that happened to me was that I really didn’t want this to happen to anyone else, not even to my former boss. I recorded the song with Genius and the most talented producer Ivo Bwongo.

On a scale of 1-10 how do you rate yourself in Uganda music fraternity

On a scale of 1- 10, Definitely, I would say I’m at 10. Who doesn’t wish the best for himself?

From your latest song, you have a soothing voice, do you use it to get what you want in life?

My voice, wow I am honoured if you find it soothing, I have just started using it and I have hopes that it will become productive at one time.

Now that you’ve broken through to the top level, what is your music plan?

My music plans are mob thou I really don’t want to reveal everything, one thing that i can say it with the great team I am working with at retro Records, u guys should expect a lot.

Let’s talk about the challenges faced so far?

Promotion, it’s the greatest challenge faced by every rising artist

Have you ever dated a woman for money?

Woman for money. Hell no. I have never and I asked God never to allow me to get tempted, I do not see dating a woman for money as something ethical.

Who injects money in you….

It’s a team, my-self, my friends, my family, and Retro records that let me use this opportunity to appreciate them. Thank you my family, thank you my friends, thank you retro Records, and my fans.

Five years from now.

I anticipate being on the international scene, making Uganda proud by selling my local languages to the world.

Your last message to your fans.

My fans are heaven-sent. They are angels; they are my world, my loves, my everything. Angels keep supporting, loving and promoting our music. I have a lot in stock. To our two teams, Qka Heaven’s and TVR all I can say is your love.

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