Ntungamo Man vows to Sue Statehouse Over Failed Compensation for Son Knocked Dead

Fred Byaruhanga the complainant displaying his letters

Ntungamo | RedPepper Digital – A citizen has vowed to drag Statehouse to court over foiled compensation for his son knocked dead by the government agency’s motor vehicle.

Mr. Fred Byaruhanga, 50, a resident of Kikoni, Central division, Ntungamo Municipal council through his lawyer Constance Turyasingura on behalf of ULS (Uganda Law Society) has threatened to drag to court the Statehouse Controller and now Cabinet Secretary and Head of Public Service Lucy Nakyobe for failing to pay him UGX60,000,000 in compensation.

Reports reaching this website indicate that the UGX60m was designated as compensation and burial Expenses following the accident which claimed his son Anthem Byaruhanga who was knocked dead by one of the Statehouse motor vehicles with Registration number; UG 1997C driven by Jingo Frank.

The nasty accident occurred on September 24, 2012, when the young boy was returning from school heading home for lunch on the fateful day.

The ULS lawyer Constance Turyasingura wrote to Statehouse Controller informing them to solve matters amicably with the complainant Byaruhanga before the matters are taken to court. (File vide ref.LAP/K’la/020/2021).

Speaking to the press, Byaruhanga revealed that he wrote several letters to the office of the President and Prime minister’s Office all in vain!

“I received ugx 8m on February 2014 from Nakyobe, then Statehouse Controller and the Balance (UGX52M) has never been cleared up to date,” said agitated Byaruhanga.

On 18/5/2021 the then Prime minister of Uganda Rt. Hon. Dr. Ruhakana-Rugunda wrote to the PPS (Principal Private Secretary) to President Dr. Kenneth Omona to clear Byaruhanga’s unpaid balance.

But Dr. Omona on receiving the letter he didn’t respond positively, he instead wrote to the complainant Byaruhanga on 26/6/2021 that they’re unable to offer the required assistance due to some financial constraints!

On 4/9/2021 Fred Byaruhanga again wrote to the New Prime minister of Uganda Rt.Hon.Robinah Nabanja informing her that he was not helped as per the letter written by her predecessor Dr.Rugunda and that he’s still in the dilemma of debts and that even the moneylender wants to take off his piece of land.

According to the information, the office of Prime minister Nabanja received the complainant’s letter through its Security registry on 6/9/2021.

On October 8, aggrieved Byaruhanga told a press conference that he was now determined to take the matters to the courts of law.

“Am totally tired of writing letters to the office of prime minister claiming for my compensation which gives no response, now I have decided to go to courts of law and sue the office of prime minister for having failed to solve my matters, imagine it’s about 7 years since these issues were begun but see they kept on confusing me here and there but this time I must take them to court because I lost the life of my child,” said Byaruhanga.

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