Nwsc Boosts Greening Busoga Campaign, Donates 5000 Trees to Kyabazinga Palace

The regional tree planting campaign piloted by National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) in 2015 that aims to plant 1 million trees across Busoga- sub region was boosted on Saturday 9th October 2021 after the government water supply and Sanitation Company donated 5000 trees to Busoga Kingdom.

Nwsc’s PRO Atwoki Hands Over Tree Seedlings to OBB Officials Led by Prince Zirabamuzaale at Kyabazinga Palace Igenge

Receiving the trees on behalf of the prime minister of Busoga kingdom, Godfrey Sajjabi Samanya, the Kingdom’s Permanent Secretary hailed Nwsc for having tree planting at their core, as it is one of the most efficient ways to reduce carbon emissions and to protect biodiversity.

‘’Many Corporate Organizations can afford this but only when there are the right people in offices who think about the environment and areas they operate in. Trees naturally capture carbon dioxide and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the air to stimulate their growth, making them one of the most valuable resources in the fight against climate change’’, said Samanya.

In attendance were, Chief Prince Samuel Zirabamuzaale, Mutyaba Nkono of Bukono Chiefdom, Pastor Alfred Adundo of Nile Baptist Church, Representatives from Nakanyinyi Primary School and Olivia Kwagala , an environmentalist from the office of Natural resources at Jinja City Council.

Speaking on behalf of the King, Prince Zirabamuzaale also commended the corporation’s plan to get the country’s youth and schools involved in the action with a campaign called “School Water and Sanitation Clubs,” where trees are planted in schools and other public properties.

Nwsc’s PRO Atwoki Hands Over Tree Seedlings to OBB Officials Led by Prince Zirabamuzaale at Kyabazinga Palace Igenge

Agnes Atwoki, the senior public relations officer at Nwsc who represented Dr. Charles Okuozi , the Jinja area General Manager reiterated the corporation’s commitment to keep working with the Kingdom and other development partners in various initiatives aiming at supporting the protection of environment and climate change agenda.

Over the last several years, Busoga has lost millions of trees and forest resources because of many reasons including a lack of awareness around afforestation and sustainable development. Today, most of the seedlings planted are from indigenous trees that are very well adapted to the local environment.

‘’The objective of this campaign is to contribute to the countrywide effort to reduce pollution, address climate issues and to restore the natural habitats that contribute positively to the climate crisis. The reforestation programme of planting one million tree seedlings in each region has been an inspiration for the people of Uganda, to come together for a noble goal’’, said Atwoki.

Atwoki added that the corporation’s participation is leaving a green legacy for future generations, following the national call from the government.

After planting several symbolic trees at Igenge Palace and the kingdom headquarters, officials said planting of the rest of the seedlings, which are of assorted tree species including fruit and indigenous trees will be done in various Counties in Busoga sub-region.

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