ABSURD AND DESPICABLE! M7 aide, Besigye clash over terror attacks


By our reporter

Deputy Press Secretary to President Museveni, Faruk Kirunda has lambasted former Presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye for what he perceives as ‘reckless comments’ in the wake of terror attacks in Kampala. Following the grizzly incidents, a fire spitting Besigye authored a statement on social media where he blamed the government for inviting the attacks against itself by virtue of its actions and conduct.

Besigye contended that the “ever present” insecurity in Uganda is “not, primarily, a National Security (threat to Sovereignty) problem; it’s a Human Security problem- the safety of individuals and the environment they inhabit.” He spelt out the “Failure To Thrive” crisis, dysfunctional Security Systems, and Regional military adventurism as the key drivers behind the rampant insecurity in the country.

But Kirunda has described to retired UPDF Colonel’s statement as “an attempt to whitewash the acts of the terrorists,” an act he said was “absurd and despicable.”

M7 aide_ Kirunda

He reminded Besigye, a four-time Presidential hopeful those with grievances against the government should endeavor to stick to lawful channels rather than resorting to violence and mass murders.

He further challenged Besigye to explain the connection between Uganda and other countries in the world where terrorists have struck in the past if at all local factors, as he says, are responsible for inviting the terror hostilities.

“There are lawfully-established channels for expressing displeasure or dissent, and violence is not one of them. Are attacks in the UK motivated by the same factors he raises?” Kirunda asked.

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