IN GOOD SPIRITS! Muhakanizi back on his feet after battle with illness

Muhakanizi paid a courtesy visit to Goobi on Tuesday November 16 at the latter’s office

Former Permanent Secretary and Secretary to the Treasury, Keith Muhakanizi is back on his feet. Muhakanizi had not been seen in public for some time. We recently reported how Muhakanizi was not feeling well for a while and sources say he was recovering from an ailment in Turkey.

Even when the appointing authority sent him to the Office of the Prime Minister as PS in July this year, he was yet to assume his duties due to poor health. The good news is that Muhakanizi is back on his feet though not fully recovered and this was revealed by his successor Ramathan Ggoobi.


“Today [Tuesday 16 November, 2021] my predecessor, Mr Keith Muhakanizi, paid a courtesy call on me. We chatted for hours about the economy and some operational issues. We were only interrupted by the bomb blasts. I wished him quick full recovery and plenty of success in his new role as PS @OPMUganda, @mofpedU,” Ggoobi tweeted.

Ugandans hope that poor health won’t push Muhakanizi into early retirement as it is being speculated.

Muhakanizi has been a long-serving Ministry of Finance technocrat who honed his skills as Deputy to the late legendary Permanent Secretary Chris Kassami. When Kassami retired in 2013, Muhakanizi succeeded him. Having been at either Finance or Planning since 1982, Muhakanizi had over the years mastered the inner workings and built a network of technocrats across the board given that the Finance Ministry is the economic centerpiece of the entire government. Over the years, he had also mastered his politics. Therefore his departure may likely to mark a dramatic shift as it is accompanied by the departure of other technical staff; either through natural retirement, early voluntary or forced departures, or shuffles.


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