Sleepless! Flavia Worried About Kabuura

Kabura and his wife Flavia

Sexy actress, radio and television host Flavia Tumusiime is spending sleepless nights after her hubby relocated to Ethiopia.

First it was Kabuura’s off-side track scandal in which his text messages in German, Spanish and French made rounds. This did not shock his wife Flavia so much since he had prepared her psychologically and even apologized. Her anger lasted for a few days since they were both seen in the limelight at Joel Khamadi’s wedding where Kabuura was the best man.

However his relocation to Ethiopia where he is a soccer commentator for Super Sports may not leave her the same psychologically.

Ethiopia being the hotbed of the most beautiful ladies in Africa and the fact that semi-loaded Kabuura will be lonely – are two things that give Flavia sleepless nights.

Now, to complicate everything, Tigray and Oromo rebels are just 300km away from the capital Addis and H.E Ahmed Abiy has declared a state of emergency. A state of emergency empowers the government to forcefully conscript any human being in Ethiopia (including Kabuura) to go to the frontline. That means Kabura will have to forget most of the other businesses and go into actual Kandahar situation!

Kabuura is a top city journalist with NTV where he energetically coordinates a sports program, Press Box.

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