FREEMAN! Bizman Ssentongo back on the scene

Sentongo with Fifi Indolo during one of court hearing before their acquittal

Businessman Paul Sentongo is back on the social scene after surviving a 39years jail term that had been given to him by Justice Joseph
Murangira over the murder of a once popular pensioner Derrick Coggon, the proprietor of 4
Turkeys’ bar in Entebbe town. The businessman who slept in jail for close to 5years was saved by court of appeal after it overturned the evidence on which High court based on to convict him before he was acquitted of murder charges by court of appeal. However the businessman was shocked to return from Kigo prison and only to find when his businesses had collapsed meaning he had to start from zero. The businessman is currently trying his best to revive some of his collapsed businesses and through hard work he has managed to procure a DMC Rav 4 which he cruises around. Sources close to the businessman intimated to us that he plans to file a case in court seeking for government to compensate him for the time he spent in jail and the psychological torture he got as a result of being convicted to 39years in jail yet he never had an upper hand in the death of Derrick Coggon.

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