SIGHTED! African Queen boss lady’s Ex-Lover Mugera back to merrymaking

Mugera (in blue shirt) with freinds

If what our Snoops sighted in Fort Portal tourism city over the weekend is anything to go by, then city corporate hunk Richard Mugera is back to enjoying his olden days of partying with his boys booze brigade.

Mugera used to be tight-marked and could not party with his old boys when he was still in a relationship with loaded cougar Sophie Nantongo of African Queen Distribution Company.


The two split bitterly in 2019 after the loaded lady found out that Mugera was secretly seeing a city slay queen only identified as Sarah Nansubuga.


Mugera would at the time travel to Dubai and America with the slay queen for weekends without Nantongo’s knowledge.


On most such occasions he would leave the cougar thinking he was on diplomatic related tasks because of his post at the Finland consulate until she was later tipped off that he was on romantic getaways with the slay queen.

Sophie Nantongo is the CEO of African Queen, a top consumer goods distribution firm in the country

Snoops reveal when the Nantongo found out about him and the slay queen she chased him from her palatial mansion in Kololo


Since then the two are no longer on talking terms even though they have four kids together


Meanwhile, last weekend Mugera was sighted in company of his boys buddies, among them a one Dumba, merrymaking in Fort Portal without fear or favour to anyone as they enjoyed all tribes of expensive booze.

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