Top Congolese gold dealers revealed

It is believed 860 kilograms of gold hidden in one of the East African Countries is ready to be shipped to the United Arab Emirates

By our reporter

It has for long been thought that dubious people from countries neighbouring the Democratic Republic of Congo are the ones who have been responsible for extracting and profiting from minerals such as gold, diamond, and copper among others from this mineral rich country.
Information received by this Newspaper from reliable sources however reveals that some businessmen from DR Congo have been engaging in transactions of tones of gold every year with people from different parts of the world like; Asians, Europeans and Americans.
This Newspaper has received sensitive information about a tycoon who is secretly dealing in this trade who goes by the name A.Amango, who along with his young brother M.Bomengo have huge gold deposits inside DR Congo and in the neighboring Countries.
Some American Company (the name withheld) is accused of dealing with these Congolese tycoons’ cartel to smuggle and hide almost 860 kilograms of gold in one of the East African Countries (the name withheld) ready to ship it to the United Arab Emirates.
The old man A. Amango, who is a retired officer and his younger brother M.Bomengo are suspected to still harbor huge quantities of Gold and Diamonds in different African countries.
Investigators from two countries where this gold is said to be currently hidden are closely following this big and influential gold business cartel from the DR Congo to try to understand their next move.

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