Finally a Hoima man who moved in court for 35 years, Finally gets justice in Supreme Court of Uganda

By Our Reporter

For the irresistible love of the land, an Eighty-year-old man has been in and out of court for thirty-five years Finally gets justice though they say; Justice delayed is justice denied. Philemon Wandera Amooti disclosed his long-awaited justice while fighting for his land with a rich land grabber. while expressing his excitement he said ” that he will die a happy man,” he gloried God, appreciated the supreme court justices for upholding the truth and protecting the poor against the rich land grabbers.

Mr. Wandera

The Same Old man in 2008 while appearing before the judiciary integrity committee which was headed by Justice Galidino Okello had expressed his disatsfaction on high levels of corruption in courts of laws, by then the committee was seeking peoples’ complaints and suggestions across the country in an effort to improve on the administration of justice.

Muzei Philemon Wandera has for the past 35 years locked horns with Lawyer Yesero Mugenyi, a retired advocate, the then chairman of Hoima land board. Wandera told the committee that Yesero Mugenyi had grabbed over 65 acres of land in Kikwite, Hoima district onto which he, schools, and others lived.

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