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You have probably heard the expression before; “Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life.” The problem with this expression for most people is that they struggle to monetize their passions for different reasons, this could be because their passion is too niche or there are limited opportunities to pursue this avenue as a viable means for a decent and comfortable living.

This challenge is perhaps heightened in the lives of African youths who are under more pressure as they have not had the same access to opportunities the digital revolution has provided young people in the western hemisphere, at least until now.

Here is where LetsGo Nation’s conversations about Africa’s #LetsGo spirit comes in. With a platform spread across 11 African countries that is essentially a community of empowered Africans with footprints in entrepreneurship, music, fashion, business, agriculture and more, harnessing digital power to improve their lives.

So members enjoy an amplification of purpose, helping them to connect with like-minded people across these different African cities.

Aware that these conversations and connections need to be had wherever similar conversations are happening, LetsGo has scheduled a Twitter Space titled ‘The Power to Be and Do’ for Tuesday 22nd February 2022 with some of the most important thought leaders in the African entrepreneurial space selected from the rich pool of LetsGo Nation members.

To be hosted by Mphoeng Mphoeng who is one of Twitter Space’s earliest adopters, and founder of @BWConnectSpaces – a space for active dialogue and constructive advice for Botswana SMEs and corporate organisations, Mphoeng is a Partner and Director in an economic, business and finance consulting firm called MP

Prior to that, he was a director at Spectrum Analytic who specialised in consulting, business process improvement, enterprise solutions and training in relation to data management and analytics.

He holds an MSc in Finance from Manchester Business School and a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from the University of Botswana. Mphoeng also holds the international ACI Treasury Dealing certificate and has done a Senior Management Development Program with the University of Stellenbosch.

Before he was a lecturer at the University of Botswana from 2016 to 2020 teaching Finance and Investments.

The list of speakers are also just as impressive, including entrepreneur and digital media strategist Demola Adetona CEO Expoze Nigeria one of Nigeria’s leading digital marketing brands.

CSR-led strategic media professional, Tracy Owusu-Addo who is the Founder of Brave Connect Ghana, the Editor of BRAVE Woman Mag and a Financial Literacy Advocate.

Neyma Nacimo and Thabiso Mashaba who are both Social Entrepreneurs transforming their respective communities in Mozambique and Botswana.

These speakers selected across various LetsGo footprints represent the future LetsGo wants for African youths and are eager to share their wealth of knowledge with everyone on the Twitter space.

Come with an open mind and be willing to learn and unlearn. Perhaps what is most exciting about this upcoming event is how it removes barriers from having these conversations, you can simply request to speak and have your voice heard loud and clear.

If this interests you, then set your calendar for 6PM GMT / 8PM CAT and be ready to listen and contribute to the conversation on Africa’s #LetsGo spirit. To learn more about how LetsGo is already fostering connections and unlocking opportunities turning passions into business while connecting start-ups, innovators and entrepreneurs, please visit https://letshegoafrica.com

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