Anmol Restaurant and Bar; Jinja’s Finest Eatery You Will Visit and Return

No doubt you’ve heard about the best Indian Restaurant also with the most excellent Local foodstuff sited in Busoga’s Capital Jinja. After all, their food is on the menus of many Indian restaurants worldwide.

However, Anmol Restaurant and Bar is credited with actually having staff that are trained to anticipate guests’ every desire,  delicious creations from the kitchen aim to take dining to another level with inventive dishes that play with textures, temperatures and contrasting but complementing tastes.

Anmol Restaurant and Bar in Jinja

Just two hours from the Uganda’s capital Kampala, the relaxed city of Jinja seems to be a completely different world as it hosts the country’s greatest Indian food restaurant, Anmol.

Owned by two renowned Asian Hotel Investors, Rajesh Patel and Dhimant Bhai, Food at Anmol Restaurant take inspiration from countries from all over the world, allowing the Chef to play with cuisines, modernise traditional recipes and experiment with ingredients since in particular, they their food is delicious, and the menu offers a wide variety to tempt all kinds of enjoyment.

Situated at the junction of main street and Nadiope Road opposite the former Spot-6 building, Anmol Restaurant and bar is a new urban retreat which offers impressive views of the lively Jinja City.

Speaking to our reporter, Rajesh Patel, one of the Directors said; ‘’Anmol flourishes for providing lunch to office workers, especially after we perfected making a variety of meals. The restaurant has a daily buffet lunch with an enticing variety of dishes. It also hosts special food festivals, such as biryani and kebab festivals. The kebabs are highly recommended and you can order a kebab platter to get a mix of different ones’’, he explained that African dishes are also wonderfully made here.

Rajesh Patel

Time seems to have stood still at the restaurant refurbished recently, which is one of legendary eateries in the ‘Kyabazinga City’ with interior decoration distinctly reflective and the glass walls dyed with beautiful nature imaginatives. You’ll definitely feel like you’re experiencing a piece of history!

‘’Got cash to splash? Anmol restaurant has a string of prizes to its name, including being named not only one of the best Indian Restaurants in the Jinja but also with pleasant local food. This restaurant is renowned for its eye-catching atmosphere, clean kitchen, succulent kebabs, and massive naan bread. The Dal Bukhara (black lentils simmered overnight with tomatoes, ginger, and garlic) has achieved legendary status’’, one of the guests from India told our reporter.

Anmol Restaurant and Bar in Jinja

When Anmol was first opened, its extraordinary menu and sharing plates immediately set it apart. Since then, the food has remained amazingly consistent, while evolving to reflect the growing bounty available at the restaurant’s gorgeous atmosphere.

‘’The menu features African and Indian cuisine with a contemporary twist, and there’s a special tasting menu that has small portions of a selection of items. The restaurant has an impressive wine list too’’,added another female guest from the United Kingdom.

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