How Threats, Sabotage Forced Herbalist Dr. Ssenfuka to Suspend Cancer Treatment

Senfuka and his lawyers Addressing Journalists

Details have emerged as to why David Ssenfuka, a Ugandan herbalist famous for treating illness under his Leonia NNN Medical Research and Diagnostics Centre, suspended cancer treatment.

On Monday, February 7, 2022,  Ssenfuka accompanied by his lawyers told reporters in Kampala said that he is being intimidated and sabotaged by officials from government institutions especially those he called mafias from the Uganda Cancer Institute whom he accused of feeling jealousy over his herbal cancer cure.


We salute you once again and praise you for your vigilance in our campaign to educate and popularize our local innovations of the novel drugs that have proved effective cures for Diabetes and Cancer. You will recall that sometime in February 2021, we came out with a public declaration of our suspension of administering Ssenfuka’s herbal drugs whose ingredients have so far struck a milestone mark of curing Diabetes and some types of cancers.

With such hyped achievements, they have hurt some medical-industrial players which reaction has posed a likelihood of jeopardising the yet to be achieved certifications that Ssenfuka’s drugs are required to attain.

Perhaps it is important to highlight that the wonder-working properties of this drug were discovered as early as 2013 which journeyed silently as all major discoveries would journey.

It was until when it was manifestly clear that he couldn’t go further than what he was humanly able to do that he realized that only a media blitz would unravel roadblocks constructed to obstruct traditional medicine practitioners by conventional medics as we have conceived that conventional medical practitioners are envious of any innovation that is not in their domain which innovations have the far-reaching impact of addressing these diseases globally.

Of late, a few medics from the Uganda Cancer Institute have come out with a barrage of veiled attacks against Mr. Ssenfuka’s herbal exploits and have advised the public against fascinating with herbal remedies as their situations are likely not to be salvaged by such unwise directions. This has been coupled with smearing some heroic medics who have lent a hand of professional practice to Mr. Ssenfuka’s administration of his herbal drug to willing participants who have approached him to be part of his research study.

To us, this amounts to a campaign of frustrating Mr. Ssenfuka’s novel innovation partly on account of his academic limitations and the doubts rendered to traditional medicine as primitive knowledge which can’t offer solutions to today’s scientific modern challenges.

What is important for the public to know is that, the nature of events surrounding Ssenfuka’s innovation in traditional medicine is pitying him against modern scientists thus posing a revolution which is responsible for the crude way Ssenfuka’s research has been conducted which has attracted condemnation accusing him for not following conventional research methodologies despite him writing to several government officials inviting their indulgence to render that much desired technical support.

You will agree that, the reluctance to render the coveted support is the reason why Mr. Ssenfuka has adopted all means available to him to popularize his discovery.

It is no doubt that cancer is a national pandemic yet to be officially declared, which requires urgent management by procuring all means available to get effective cures for it. Just a while ago, President Trump issued an emergency-use authorization executive order reducing the length of time a drug is supposed to spend on clinical trials from 18 months to 3 weeks of approval when trials for a Covid-19 vaccine were an emergency requirement.

We understand that President Museveni issued a similar order in favour of Dr. Ogwang’s Covidex trials given the emergency nature of managing Covid-19 and it must be one of the reasons why Covid-19 deaths reduced.

We implore all stake holders to induce the President to issue a similar order in favour of Mr. Ssenfuka’s long awaited clinical trials for his medicine to address the cancer impasse.

We think that save for ill intentions and saboteurs, we see no reason why Mr. Ssenfuka’s novelty has not been recognised for honours as a national achievement of discovering a cure for Diabetes and cancer as it has always been done in other jurisdictions despite him bringing it to the attention of state players responsible for bringing it to the attention of the country. For example, Dr. Johann Peter Frank, a  German physician, who discovered the Diabetes disease in 1794, the Germany  government recognized his discovery and accorded him national recognition and honours.

Scientific studies from the Natural Chemotherapeutics Research Institute revealed that damaged pancreatic tissue of the mice was wonderfully rebuilt upon administration of Ssenfuka’s wonder drug, an achievement that had not yet been evidenced in therapeutics.

Our current state of affairs is worrying as we are being stalked, tapped and waylaid with information passing around of damaging the novelty with all sorts of accusations pointing to its alleged ineffectiveness. All this propaganda, though anticipated to happen, is poised to create a war of conventional drugs as opposed to the healing properties of traditional medicine.

The President’s intervention into Mr. Ssenfuka’s outcries have further exacerbated envy from detractors having envisioned that the drug is bound to make them “irrelevant”, and at the same time his herbal treatment samples for other remedies submitted to laboratories are being prejudiced because of his name, all these frustrations inspiring us even to seek asylum from other jurisdictions that are attracting us to their countries.

Therefore, because of our undesirability to lock horns with conventional medics who are likely later to be constructive players of the advancement of this novelty is the reason why we are announcing a suspension of cancer treatment in our community research until the government will generate and unveil protocols that will officially oversee human clinical trials that will likely cause approval of Mr. Ssenfuka’s herbal medicines as effective drugs for Diabetes and Cancer.

We believe that the public will understand the jeopardy Mr. Ssenfuka’s innovation is already facing and will support and call for campaigns for a quick process of approval.


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