Lucian Cottages opens in Glamorous, Star-studded Fete

By  Our Reporter
Last week, we witnessed the launch of Lucian cottages, one of the beautiful places to look out for when you are in Kampala.
Situated in the serene Munyonyo neighborhood, Lucian Cottages’ launch was graced by Kampala’s A-Listers and big wigs in the tourism and hospitality business/Sector.
One of most notable and distinguished was Lilly Ajarova the Chief Executive Officer _ Uganda Tourism Board (UTB)
“For anyone looking forward to investing in Uganda, tourism is the best option at a time such as this. So, Leila Khan and Leon Sandoi, I assure you, you have made a smart move to invest in Tourism.” Said the guest of honor Lilly Ajarova (C.E.O Uganda Tourism Board) at the Launch of Lucian Cottages in Munyonyo.
Like a well-orchestrated event, the attention to detail on each item on agenda struck an excellent balance between leisure and business, from the selection of event décor, music, and buffet menu. After 2 years of missing in action, The Triplets Ghetto Kids hit the stage with an electrifying performance that got everyone to their feet the young and old alike.
The ushers led guests to a tour of the cottages and later to an open bar with cocktails, expensive wines, and delicacies and we were not bombarded with long speeches; by the time we got to cutting the ribbon, the rooms were fully booked and people were adding words to lyrics under the influence, stamping the fact that the lockdown had indeed been lifted.
The Dj put on a party we danced and before we could catch a break it was Saturday and the sun was up!
All I am saying is it was a weekend well spent and should you be in Kampala Uganda, Lucian Cottages is one of the places you should make time to visit and stay.
Here are some moments captured from the event
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