Amin’s Son Gen. Taban Elected Head Of West Nile Veterans’ Association

Arua: Lt. Gen. Taban Amin, the son of the former President of Uganda, Idi Amin Dada has been elected unopposed to head the West Nile veterans and ex-combatants’ association.

Gen. Taban who also doubles as the first Deputy Director of Internal Security Organization (ISO) was elected as the chairperson of the association at the former Arua Hill Division offices on Tuesday.

Gen.Taban With President Museveni During Campaigns Previously

This is after the different groups of ex-servicemen who served under different regimes agreed to come under one umbrella association for easy coordination.

During the meeting, Lt. Yassin John Mungufeni was elected as Gen. Taban’s Vice Chairperson, WOII Constance Onenchan as Secretary of the association, WOII Andrew Icha was elected as the Treasurer and Capt. Samson Agele as the association’s secretary for mobilization.

Speaking to journalists shortly after his election, Taban said the formation of the West Nile veterans and ex-combatants’ association will help to bring unity among the former fighters.

“If you see properly, these ex-servicemen and combatants of West Nile were not united. Some other guys brought their own agenda to put their own groups and there were so many groups of veterans in West Nile. We had the Kings African Rifle, Uganda Rifle, Uganda Army, UNLA, we had FUNA, West Nile Bank Front, we had UNRF I&II, NRA and then UPDF veterans, so there was a lot of confusion,” Taban said.

“Even the government found it hard to try to help these people. So, I thought it was better to pull them and then form an association under one Umbrella which we succeeded to do and we had to vote. We went under vote and then they decided to vote me as their chairperson because they knew how I work and who I am and the love I have for them and the love they have for me,” Taban added.

The General said this time round, they are much organized to lobby for support from the government to improve the lives of the veterans in the West Nile region.

“All veterans and ex-combatants in West Nile are happy now. So, there will be no more division among them and I want to assure you that all the veterans in West Nile are behind President Yoweri Museveni. We are all in the Movement and we shall support the President anytime he wants us. We are now busy with paperwork which will be forwarded to the Defence Minister of Veterans, Security and the President himself,” Taban promised.

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