Arua plane crash victims demand shs250m compensation

ARUA | RedPepper Digital _ The members of a family affected by the 2011 UPDF plane crash in Arua are now demanding UGX250m in compensation from the government.

The plane was carrying UPDF soldiers for an operation in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) before it crashed, destroying two houses belonging to Casto Jino, a resident of Okuleamvuku cell, Ayivu Ward in Arua City

The Antinov-2 which was heading to Nzara, a UPDF airbase in Eastern DR Congo crashed and burnt to ashes, about 2km away from Uganda-DR Congo border. This was shortly after takeoff from Arua Airfield. The two grass thatched houses the plane crash-landed on also burnt into ashes with all the property inside.
At the time of the crash, the plane was carrying four UPDF soldiers, and three Europeans (pilots and co-pilots), who all emerged from it alive.

However, ten years down the road, the members of the affected family have come out to table fresh demands to the government.

“The incident of the plane crash on my compound has up to now traumatized me and my family members. But after the incident, the government gave UGX10m through the UPDF to build for me a house which has started rotting away,” Jino told journalists on Tuesday.

“The UPDF officers used Eucalyptus trees to roof the house and right now, the Eucalyptus trees have been eaten by termites as you can see. Any time, the house may collapse on us. I am now demanding the government to come and build for me a good house and on top, give me UGX250m in compensation for the houses destroyed, burnt household property and the psychological torture caused to me and my family for all these years,” Jino, a father of ten demanded.

He said the UPDF officers couldn’t allow any civilian to come close to the house they were constructing until when they finished their work and handed over the building to him.

Charles Akua, another member of the family noted that among the things burnt as a result of the plane crash include; a Primary Seven result slip belonging to one of the Jino’s children, 2 bales of second-hand clothes, UGX2,532,000 in cash, 2 pairs of beds with bedsheets, 6 wooden chairs and 3 wooden tables, one sack of second-hand shoes for sale, all clothes not numbered, utensils and all other property belonging to the children.

Akua said other property burnt are; a sack of simsim, a sack of sorghum, 2 sacks of groundnuts and a sack of beans.

Akua retaliated that as a family, they want the government to compensate them with UGX250m and also build a good house for them, lest they will seek for legal redress.

However, by the time of filing this story, our attempts to reach Brig. Gen. Bonny Bamwiseki, the UPDF Fourth Division Army Commander on phone for a comment on the fresh demands by the affected family members yielded no tangible fruits as he could not pick our calls.

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