Ex-MP Cautions Ugandans on Sectarianism, Nepotism

Andrew Baryaynaga Aja the former Kabale Municiplaity MP

Kabale – The Former Kabale Municipality Member of Parliament, Andrew Baryayanga Aja, has warned Ugandans against bracing acts of sectarianism tribalism, religion and Nepotism that had manifested in the previous regimes.

Baryayanga says that he is dismayed by the increased acts of divisions rooted in the religious and political arena mostly in Kigezi saying that Ugandans risk repeating the tribal and religious wars that used to be manifested in Kigezi in the 1970s and 80s unless they stop the religious and tribal sentiments while addressing issues but he asked them to unity despite different religions and tribes.

He said this on Sunday at St Philip’s Bugongi Estates Church of Uganda Parish, as Mothers Union members celebrated Mary’s day with thanksgiving. Mary’s day celebrates Mary’s motherhood of Jesus as a reminder of the role she played in the salvation of humankind.

Wedded women who were enrolled into Mother’s Union with kabale woman MP Ndamira

Catherine Atwakiire Ndamira the Kabale District Woman Member of Parliament urged women to always be courageous in performing their roles in families adding that both parents should monitor the behaviour of their children instead of leaving them to meander where they end up being undisciplined.

During the service that was presided over by the Parish Priest Rev Michael Asiimwe, a total of seven wedded couples were enrolled into Father’s and Mother’s Unions. Atwakiire said that women should be courageous in performing their roles at home like ensuring that their husbands are dressed gently and taken care of.

Emmanuel Sentaro Byamugisha the Kabale Municipality Mayor asked the women to give their husbands conjugal rights to avoid domestic violence

Preaching during the service, the teacher at Kengoma primary School Sadress Turyahabwe Nalongo asked the married couples to be prayerful in their marriages, and encouraged the newly enrolled mothers’ union members to follow the rules that govern a true member like consumption desisting from alcoholism, protecting their religions and avoid committing adultery.

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