FDC Boss tips party leaders on fight against corruption

Fungaroo dances with some FDC leaders in Aliba shortly after his meeting with them on Tuesday

OBONGI – The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) National Secretary for Mobilization and Organization, Hassan Kaps Fungaroo has rallied the party leaders in Obongi to closely monitor the government programs so as to minimize cases of corruption in the new district.

Fungaroo who also doubles as the former Obongi County MP made the appeal while meeting the party grassroot leaders in Aliba and Ewafa sub-counties on Tuesday.

Fungaroo intends to traverse the entire Obongi district before taking his campaign against corruption that has greatly affected service delivery to other parts of the country.

The FDC Boss has been meeting the FDC leaders at Village, Parish and Sub County level across the six sub-counties in Obongi district including Obongi Town Council on the need to ensure that government services reach the ordinary people.

“Under the laws of Uganda, the principle role of the opposition is to hold the government in check and it does this through the following means; by demanding for transparency and accountability in government programs, projects and work processes and this involves getting a touch and flashing a strong light on the dark corners and passages in which corruption and all forms of evil thrives in government,” Fungaroo said.

“The corrupt people are so powerful that they have overpowered the local and national leaders of the Obongi people. They actually control and lead our leaders in terms of Obongi agenda setting and external relations with the government of Uganda and that is why cases of corruption reported are silently killed within institutions created to fight corruption. I thereby, call upon you members and supporters of the opposition political parties in Obongi and Uganda at large to rescue the situation,” Fungaroo appealed.

He asked the FDC leaders to pick keen interest in monitoring the implementation of government programs and projects through oversight in communities and critique where necessary the government programs, policies and their implementation methods.

Fungaroo while addressing some of the FDC leaders at Ewafa trading center on Tuesday

“Go and play our roles as people of the opposition in Obongi district at all the levels in the community so that what is meant to benefit the local people reaches them through service delivery without being diverted for personal gain by district leaders,” Fungaroo stressed.

The FDC boss is also using the opportunity to update the party leaders and supporters on the upcoming FDC Northern Uganda meeting among other party activities in the country.

Bran Sijali Atiku, the FDC youth leader for Mbale North village in Aliba sub-county expressed gratitude to Fungaroo for enlightening them on their roles which he said will greatly help them in monitoring government programs with the aim of fighting corruption in the area.

“I feel so impressed about the organization of Fungaroo’s meeting, especially for the party members to intervene in the district council because things are not going in the right direction. I will therefore use the knowledge I have acquired today to critically follow up the projects in my village and sub-county at large by finding out how much money has been allocated for a project, when it is to start and end besides knowing whether the project is being done well or not so as to ensure value for taxpayers’ money,” Atiku said

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