NBS Television Sexy Shakira Cools Off Video Leak Stress In Zanzibar

By. Our Reporter

After her video caused mixed reactions on social media two weeks ago, the TV Diva decided to head to Zanzibar to cool off stress and celebrate her birthday on the island.

Sexy Shakira


News reaching our desk indicates Shakira is in Zanzibar enjoying her money alone according to close pals.  “She has been eating good food, riding horses taking pictures with different people, and visiting places around Zanzibar and having fun with Masai people at the Island she said” a pal speaking with envy for being left behind was heard telling a friend.

Shakira having a good time with a horse


It is not clear whether she sponsored the trip or there could be an invisible force. We shall soon update you on these very same pages!

Ocean Vibes

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