RAW HUMOUR! Mr.Hyena gets revenge on Belle who de-toothed him

By the time a belle finds a job, she’s likely to have been used by more than five men.

Lots of belles you see working in offices went through hell to get to those positions. I have personally boned God knows how many to connect them.

However, this year, I’ve not used any. But other men have. And I wish thunder strikes one of those men who used pretty Shamanta. But on the other hand, I think Shamanta got what she deserved.

For three years, I’ve been begging Shamanta to let me surf her waters, but she keeps feeding me stories. But I think after what my ancestors did to her, she will finally come around.

I was minding my business when Sheila called. After formalities, she asked how far I had reached with Shamanta. I smelt a rat, because Sheila is Shamanta’s bestie, if we had done it ourselves, she would have known.

Why then was she asking something I was sure she knew the answer to? Then part of me thought they were together trying to squeeze some money out of mwah.

But, I wasn’t to give them a penny because after standing me up all night some three months back, I had given up on Shamanta and even deleted her numbers to avoid ever calling her again.

“I gave up on her,” was my answer. I went on to tell Sheila how I didn’t want to become a problem to her bestie. “I don’t force love,” I said.

At that point, Sheila concurred with me. Before going on to tell me how Shamanta doesn’t know what she wants.

Sheila then promised to connect me to another chick. “There is a Rwandese called Kerren, she went to Rwanda, but as soon as she returns……I will connect you and she will drown you in el-nino,” she said.

Next Sheila told me how Shamanta was in tears having fallen in the hands of a conman who kukwabula her and left her in a lodge. “Send me data and I WhatsApp you – her call. She’s in tears.”

After the call, I sent Sheila data and several minutes later, she WhatsApped me – Shamanta’s call. “Hello Sheila…….girl I am here dying of anger. I feel like killing myself!” Shamanta scoffed.

To which Sheila replied asking what had happened. “Do you remember the guy I told you was getting me a job?” “Yes, I remember him.” “The guy is a CONMAN! Mwana gwe, I’ve never been so outsmarted.”

“What happened?” Sheila asked. “Mwana gwe, I was at John’s salon when the gu-man called mbu. I had got the job and would start working on Monday. That, I should meet him at Karahali in Kawempe and he will give me 100k for upkeep.

Mwana gwe, I ran home, took a bath, jumped on a boda went to Karahali. I found the lu-man waiting for me. He complained that the place was over crowded. He then suggested we check into a room and talk privately.

On hearing that, I was teluba nga lwagala to bonk me. But I had no option, I agreed and off to the room we went. Do you know what the lu-man said when we entered the room?”

“No, I don’t,” Sheila curiously answered. “Now that I’ve gotten you what you want, give me – my reward too. Before I could utter a word, the man had removed his shirt so I said to myself let me give him one once so that he doesn’t kill my opportunity. Sheila, have you ever been boned by a man older than your father?” Shamanta asked which Sheila was “No!” “It happened to me. The lu-man may even be older than Tibs.”

Next was the wrinkled grey haired man bonking me as he complained that my twins were not long enough. He ordered me to do more elongation. That I should not only sing one melody.

How come you aint releasing el-nino? He asked. That he all along thought, I had el-nino, but was surprised none was forthcoming. The lu-man must have taken man power, he worked me for like two hours nonstop.

Then took a bath and excused himself to leave . He was going to the State house. He told me to pick the 100k at the reception.

I took a bath then hurried to the reception and asked the receptionist for the money. Sheila, do you know how much the chick gave me?” “No, I don’t.” Sheila answered. “Mukyala, I was given one thousand seven hundred shillings!”

“Hahaha! How much?” Sheila laughed. “Sheila, I’ve never been so disrespected. One thousand shillings note plus three – two hundred shillings coins and a one hundred shillings coin the one with a cow.

I couldn’t believe my eyes and so asked the receptionist how much money she was giving me. Only for her to say that’s the balance. She handed me a receipt detailing the expenditure.

What else could I do other than turn and marched out feeling like the ground should open and swallow me. I boarded a boda hurried home and called the man. He has blocked me. I dived in my bed and have since been crying.

I’ve never been made so stupid. I feel like bewitching the lu-man.”

After listening to the audio, I called Sheila and said, “karma has rewarded her for detoothing me.” We killed time over it and both concluded Shamanta got what she deserved.

Am now waiting for Kerren to return and I enjoy it. Details of which will be here as soon as they happen.

Till then, I remain yours Mr. Hyena

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