Review;Butterfly Remix-Jerseh Kingsley Jr nails it

Fast rising star Jahseh Kingsley blew up when Butterfly took over the streets of this dusty and sometimes hilarious city.

Before that a star in Kingsley had released hits like Focus and many more. Well, with so much that music industry has faced during covid 19, Kingsley went back to studio and remixed the Butterfly hit. The remix is such a massive hit and it is currently trending on all over airwaves.

So I approached this remix with more than a little trepidation– he has gone for the old ‘get-a-catch-phrase-that-has-already-caught-on-and-use-it’ trick.


Does it work?

Well… mostly. In fact, the answer is YES – I just have an awful aftertaste of his last bits of music still lingering in my system.

He put more work on it this time round, developing a delicious groove that at the very least, he has you paying attention. You might even be tempted to call it catchy. Then he upped the ante on the delivery the Butterfly remix lines

On Butterfly Remix, Jahseh Kingsley is actually trying to be creative, and the effort pays off.

The song is madly energetic – the lads and ladies who are constantly screaming Tuli Wabwelu! will back this one to the dancefloor and in the way they gyrate their waists to the max.

I predicted earlier that a lot of the music in the first and second quarter is going to follow a pattern – madly frenetic stuff, that tries to ride the energy of the fact that the lockdown has been lifted and the mad party scene that is Kampala, is back.

Jahseh Kingsley’s Butterfly Remix doesn’t simply underscore that prediction, but does it well. Good to have you on the scene, King.

Now he will go and do a song called Tuli Wabwelu and also remix it.

Ugandans watch out for the King!

Here is the link to the Butterfly Remix;

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