Sexy Stylist Desire on designing Kampala’s A Class & Celebrities

There is a new stylist that has taken over Kampala and beyond. Super gorgeous Desire Arzu Namugerwa the Chief Executive Officer of Arzu Bridals that has become a talk of town in and outside Uganda.


Fast forward, do you recall the trending Video song of musician Bruno K called Leero Mbaga? Well, Pictures leaked on social media where the singer was dressed in an A Class wedding suit with his bride. The whole world attacked Bruno for dumping NTV’s Faridah Nakazibwe for the girl dressed in a high class gown.


The true story is here now. It was just a music Video. Bruno K  searched around for the best stylist in town that could match his standards until he landed on Arzu Birdals. She never disappointed. Now you know the designer behind that video. Very many Kampala Celebrities and people from well to do circles are always hitched at Kingdom Hall in Arzu Bridal shop. She has made a name for herself with high class end gowns and Suits. It is no wonder her sweat is finally paying off.


Arzu Desire is based in Turkey, the home of legit garments. She takes her time to select classy gowns and Suits, ships them here in Uganda and make a killing out of it. Today no one beats her up at this game.


We asked her why her Arzu Bridals is different and she said….


The Story of Arzu Bridals was created with the idea that shopping for a wedding dress should be fun, memorable and above all else, relaxed and carefree. Our goal is to create an easy going but professional environment where each of our clients is free to be themselves.


Every bride we assist is unique and each of their stories special. As such, we are honored to be able to be a small part of your story.


We are here to show love and respect to every customer that comes through our doors to start planning their special day. No matter their size, ethnicity, gender, or religion we are excited to help find your dream wedding attire.


Our specially curated selection of gowns from Turkey allows brides of all shapes and sizes to shop for their dream dress. No matter if a client is a size 0 or a size 34, we can help find the dress that makes you feel confident and beautiful, just as you are.


We offer color options of materials that includes a variety of tones to ensure that each bride is able to find a gown that complements their skin tone. We also offer a variety of styles, different modesty options, all customizable to suit a client’s needs and expert stylists to make sure you find the perfect dress for you and your traditions.


We do not believe in the traditional definition of the term bride and accept all who want to come to Arzu Bridal shop to find the dress of their dreams. The notion of a bride is as old as time itself but the definition of who a bride is has changed and evolved.


The modern bride represents growth, strength, compassion, an open mind and over all else, love. It’s these characteristics that make a bride, guide them, help them grow and be who they are as they write their story.


We here at Arzu Bridal shop celebrate this and give love and support in every way that we can to make an experience with us a memorable and joyous one that is a special moment is each one of our client’s stories.


Just as every client’s story is special and exclusive to them, such is every artifact we carry in our store.


All of our goods are hand picked, carefully curated  from Turkey and in most cases only available in our store. We are the exclusive Las Vegas home of all bridal lines as well as home to our own unique private label.


We are also home to a full line of other special and one of a kind bridal accessories not found in any other shop in Uganda.


Arzu Bridal shop provides over a decade of bridal styling experience with personalized, affable customer service set in a smart and sophisticated environment at the prestigious Kingdom Kampala.



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