SWEET VIBES! Tycoon Mulangwa silences slay Queen Jaymie Kardash by gifting wife posh Benz

Mulangwa gifted wife a sleek Mercedes Benz GLE worth Shs400M

City mogul Hashim Mulangwa, who has a long history of working as a banker and financial expert, has silenced popular slay Queen Jamila Mbabazi aka Jaymie Kardash, after he surprised his wife Sadiya Mulangwa with a sleek Mercedes Benz GLE worth Shs400M.

Moles reveal that Jaymie Kardash, who drives an old Mercedes Benz, has for a long time been bragging to pals about how some men buy expensive cars for side-dishes yet their wives are cruising vehicles in Dangerous Mechanical Conditions (DMC).

It should be noted that Jaymie Kardash’s Benz is worth Shs100M and she was telling pals that they shouldn’t get surprised if they learn to discover that much as she is not married, their wives who drive cheap cars like a Wish worth Shs20m.


However, moles reveal that when Jaymie Kardash was bragging to her pals, she never expected her words to land in Sadiya’s ears, who consequently raised the matter before her hubby during one of their pillow chit-chats.

We are told that on hearing her concern, Mulangwa somehow got touched, although he didn’t say much.

A few days thereafter, he woke up in his good moods and out of the blue, surprised Sadiya with the posh Benz, red in colour, which she is cruising around town. Mulangwa handed the Benz to Sadiya at a colourful surprise party that was held at one of the top city hotels and attended by only a few close friends. What is most interesting however is that ever since Sadiya received her Benz gift, Jaymie Kardash has since gone silent and no longer brags to her pals about driving an expensive car like she has been doing for the past several months.

Slay Queen Jaymie Kardash

Jaymie Kardash took the matters a notch higher when she posted a video on TikTok in which she was asking an App called Siri about why she is still single and Siri replied thus; “Maybe you should stop acting like a bitch and start paying attention to some people who actually have interest in you, instead of chasing someone that you know is gonna break your heart.”

Her new video has since left many of her pals with many unanswered questions about the man she is chasing yet she knows he will break her heart.

It should be noted however that Jaymie is one of Kampala’s renowned slay queens, who is usually trotting the globe from Dubai to Lagos, Hawaii to Thailand among other party destinations in the world where she goes on merrymaking sprees.


Watch this space for secrets about Jaymie Kardash’s romping and merrymaking sprees, including the list of loaded city dudes whose whoppers she has chewed before and why she remains unmarried despite being ripe for marriage!


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