Vendors Worried As Minister Magyezi Opens Mbarara Central Market

Venders from Mbarara Central Market are worried to miss allocations of stalls in the  Market after Minister of Local Government Raphael Magyezi cancelled all the vendor’s’ lists that were produced earlier  by his ministry.

Magyezi trashed the lists that were holding the names of vendors who are supposed to be allocated in this market claiming that these lists had issues.

Minister Magyezi, Mayor Kakyebezi,RDC Mwesigye leading vendors around Mbarara streets ahead of opening of the market

There a pair of lists that was recently produced from the ministry local government but Minister Mageyze trashed those lists and asked the creation of allocation committee which he thinks it will produce a genuine list.  During the opening of this market at the weekend, Magyezi said that he wants transparency in the allocation of the lockups in this market.

He trashed the recent lists of the names of vendors that these lists that were presented to him are biased. He immediately ordered that there should be an allocation committee that will select and verify the right venders to be allocated.

Magyezi also warned that he doesn’t want any person who wasn’t a vender before to be given a lockup in this market. He added that those big business people around Mbarara Town, politicians, Civil servants must not get attempted to claim for a lockup in this market.

“This market has been constructed by the government of Uganda purposely for low income earners especially for a vender who has been in the market before. If you are a politician like the Mayor, Government workers, if you are a business person outside this  market you are not allowed to have a lockup in this market because you are not a a vender here. Stop your greed and corruption” said Magyezi.

“If you know a staff at Mbarara City Council, you’re on the committee of allocations, you are the Chairperson of Venders and you received money from someone for a lockup please return that money, for us we shall not ask any money from any vender to enter this market, do not pay money to anyone because you want a lockup, if you pay the money better know that you are coned. There is no untouchable person when it comes to matters of this market, there is no one will enter this market unless he or she is a vender” said Magyezi.

Magyezi later confirmed and approved an allocation committee that will select the right names of the vendors and will produce a genuine list. Magyezi gave only one week for this committee to produce the list of the right vendors who will be allowed to enter this market.

Magyezi set 11th April 2022 when the Vendors will officially start entering this market. On 1rst -2nd April the list of Vendors will be displayed on all notice boards, then from 3rd to 8th April will be time for appeals for those vendors who will have missed out of the list to raise their complaints and verification.

Finally starting 11th- 15th venders will be entering the market to their stalls and and lockups and election of stalls shall be by raffle. Magyezi gave two months free for vendors without paying any coin. After two months they shall start paying revenue to Mbarara City Council.

However Venders are worried that their names may miss out of the list which is going to be made by the allocation committee.  Venders say that some of the rich people compromised some leaders in Mbarara so that they can also get lockups from this market.

That there are some people who are not venders but that have yet bout  lockups in advance from the Brokers who are leaders venders and some from Mbarara City council. Venders also revealed that the number of lockups and stalls in this market are not equivalent to the number of venders at Independence Park where they were shifted to.

This market has 552 shared lockups, 157 single lockups and other stalls, but it has been learned that the number of venders is about 1500 more than the number of lockups and stalls.

Venders were encouraged to be more health to maintain the cleanness of this market.

Mbarara City RCC Col. James Mwesigye said that he has made some good intelligence and found out that there are some people within Mbarara City council and within the market leaders who have been getting money from the people that they will get for the lockups in Central market. He said that he is going to pledge his team of security and intelligence and once one is found guilty in this case will be brought to book or pay back the money.

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