WHERE DID THE GIRLS GO?; Sexy TV Girls That Disappeared Without Trace

At one time, not so long ago, there was an overload of hot, beautiful girls on Ugandan TV screens.

The girls had it all, the looks, the smiles, the curves, and most importantly the brains. These girls made men hooked on local screens for hours on end.

Sadly, like everything, this phase passed and slowly the girls slowly disappeared from the screens and were replaced by others. Today’s list is a nostalgic look back in envy. Back to a time when TV girls would inspire with intelligent talk and not just tantalize by wiggling their curves.


Where are they now?


Tumusiime Uwitware


Tumusiime Gertrude Uwitware was a news reporter on NTV in the good not so golden days of a few years ago. She joined TV shortly after her University studies. She joined the same time with Sheila Nduhukire. Good load, Uwitware was a cutie with an attitude. Her character was stemmed from a feminist angling. She was not afraid to express her opinion. Her stories had an edge and her social media commentary cut like a knife.

It was this opinion that landed her in trouble. At the peak of her short career, she was reportedly kidnapped tortured. She has never openly spoken about this ordeal but friends say it stemmed from her stinging criticism of powerful female politicians in Uganda.

The kidnap ordeal traumatized her and decided to quit TV and the Media. She mysteriously went off our TV screens. She didn’t even say bye.

Today, Gertrude lives a private life in and out of Uganda and she doesn’t reveal what she actually does but scanning her social timeline, we notice that her brain has not lost any of its cells. She’s still opinionated and gender equality issues still pepper her commentary on twitter.

However close friends tell us that she has gotten to comfortable and added a little bit of kilos on her curves.


Doreen Komuhangi


Doreen Komuhangi was a News anchor at NBS TV.  Doreen looked good and acted nice on the screen. However, she started as a presenter on the morning show replacing the sleek voiced Joy Bbiira.

At NBS, she was a darling until the station underwent a revamp and she lost her slot. She quickly moved on and today she does public relations work outside TV


Sarah Mubest


Sarah Mubest was a darling to Western Uganda’s TV West. One time, it was reported that horny Mbarara men used to camp around High street Mbarara near Hotel Classic waiting for her to pop out of the station’s offices when they were on the building just across the hotel.

As her career hit the top, she mysteriously started missing work. Everyone wondered what had happened. It was then understood that Mubest had scooped a job in the Middle East and had moved on from Uganda and away from the Media. Her booze mates miss her in Mbarara. But she maintains her presence on social media.


Zuena Kirema


Zuena, Bebe Cool’s wife was one of the hottest TV presenters around 2012. With the influence of her husband, she started presenting a show on NTV named Real-life stories.

She would go to the field and interview people. People would share with her the hardships in their lives.

However, local tabloids started circulating news that different horny men had started approaching Zuena. Bebe Cool called in at NTV and her contract was terminated. She got pregnant in the same time and became a stay home wife.

Tied of staying home, Bebe Cool started for her a bakery business. Today she bakes cakes and pastries. She’s a little fat but not too much considering the babies she has mothered.


Sheila Sempembwa


Sheila Sempembwa first tried singing. She was a member of wafagio singing group that was run by Emma Carlos. The group collapsed after the girls started accusing each other of dirty girl’s games.

In 2011, She ran to newly established Urban TV  for a job. She started presenting Skizzy Show that ran from 5 pm to 6 pm. Due to her bad attitude, she abused her boss DJ Bushbaby and she was shown the exit. She processed travel papers and is currently living in the US. She lives with her Auntie.


Faith Ariho

She worked at Urban TV and NTV  as a News anchor and editor. She was one beautiful girl who was known to hide her man like gold.  She went to Nairobi for a short time and came back.

Today we have been informed that Faith lives like any middle class muzukulu.


Sophie Tattu

She looked nice and hot. She presented a Fashion show at Urban TV and also doubled as PRO for Bambi Fashion House of Nambi Brenda. She mysteriously left the station and went to Capital FM.

She also left Radio and Joined Bell Beer where she worked for a short while. Today no one knows where Tattu is for sure.

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