POUND OF FLESH! Mr. Hyena sets new world record by collecting rent arrears in meaty parts

I broke Kiconco’s bed during doggie style of round number four. Blessed are the men who bonk belles to pulp at the shortest notice.Like three and half months to D-night, Kiconco had bribed me with a blow job to give her more time look for rent dime. She owed me five months rent.

Then come D-night, I was at Maria Katogo in Kiryatete eating molokoni, cassava and porridge when Kiconco came kneeling and greeted me humbly. Bakiga in Bunyoro have adopted local customs like kneeling and running away from in-laws as Bunyoro culture demands.After the formalities, Kiconco told me someone had sent her to tell me something. “I am all ears,” I said. Only for her to move closest to my ear into which she whispered, “let’s go and I give you ko”.Those with whom I was sharing the bench didn’t hear a word. “Go tell him that I will call her tomorrow,” I said in a low tone. Now, my original program was to spend the night with one of my baby mommas in the area.

But, because, I had never amended her constitution, I decided to include Kiconco on the night’s to-do-list.From a distance, Kiconco looks like the sexy actress Shadiah Nakalema. But Kiconco’s hips are bigger and her booty splashes to each step she takes, something that annoys her female neighbors.Inviting me for sex wasn’t out of love, rather a means of survival by a tenant merely trying to dodge rent that was obvious. Like most waitresses, Kiconco is an undercover slay queen whose cover was a bar job. But word had long leaked that if well approached, she sells ko.

I was also aware that she could vacate my house at night minus paying her rent arrears like other tenants do around the nation.So this mambo of landlords shouldn’t chew tenants because tenants could stop paying rent were pointless on Kiconco. Museveni had closed her official source of income due to covid19.

Chasing her from her residence would be more heartless than chewing her.Kiconco, had through a lollipop job on me, demonstrated she didn’t have a plan B and was willing to use everything at her disposal to stay at her current address.After eating, I killed like thirty minutes chatting with locals then around half to ten o’clock, I called Kiconco asked her were we were going to do ourselves.

“Anywhere you decide” was her answer. This Prompted me to ask if she had money for a lodge, the answer to which was a no.On asking then where we were to do it, Kiconco was like “but you man….as you’re a miser! Will they bury you with money?” My answer to all that was “am broke.” To which she replied suggesting “but we can do it at my place.” “Eeee…..your neighbors!” I exclaimed, but Kiconco calmed me down saying they were not a problem at all. “Still it’s not safe there. One of your husbands my find us and thump me,” I yapped. Only for Kiconco to tell me, no man had ever set foot in her house. “Would I invite you over if I was expecting another man. I don’t entertain men in my home,” Kiconco yapped prompting me to ask if I was a woman. “You’re different,” she answered.

On pressing her to elaborate, Kiconco said, “you’re the landlord.”That triggered a “you mean landlords are free to do what they want on their premises?” to which Kiconco was “why not?”On hearing that, I replied telling her how I had been fearing to use my full powers. I thanked her for the tip.Next, I declared my worry of being seen by her neighbors who would end up gossiping. “Don’t worry. They sleep like chicken…..they already are in their houses.”

Suspecting she was out of groceries and probably no dinner, I stopped by a shop bought her stuff like a big soda, sugar, rice and salt and others then matched to Hakim’s chicken roasting enterprise bought three thighs.By the time, I got closer, her neighbours were indeed inside their houses. Their doors closed; but the left side neighbors’ light was still on. Implying they were likely awake. However; Kiconco had done a smart trick of leaving the door open.So, I said “bisimillah!” and matched straight to the door and entered minus knocking. Kiconco beamed her big smile on seeing me. “You’re welcome,”

She said with a dry voice. I handed her the groceries and snacks I had bought her prompting her to go down on her knees and thanked me from the bottom of her heart.“You’re welcome,” I replied in a low tone trying to avoid her neighbors identifying my voice. Since I didn’t have a lot of time to waste, I pulled her over locked our lips. She conceded, but after a minute of kissing, she pulled her lips away.She begged me to let her first freshen up.

Since, I am not a fan of smelly women, I let Kiconco freshen up. I used the time to check my equipment which was fine. I had four packets of anti-virus. I checked my breath once again and it was okay too.Several minutes later, Kiconco returned from outside where she had taken the bath, she was clad in a towel.As she knelt down to push her basin under the bed, I almost got a heart attack watching her round jiggly booty.

I jumped at her, wrapped myself around her.“Oooh!” she sighed as her body freaked like a virgin’s touched for the first time. I felt the softness of her thick back. “Where did you get all this booty?” I asked pressing her bottoms. “Are those big?”She hissed adjusting her head towards me.“Very” I answered causing big beautiful smile.

Without permission, I undid the towel went one on one with Kiconco’s hidden secrets. I started by measuring the oil levels in the Kingfisher well.As expected, Kitagata hot spring exploded, gushing hot el – nino as Kiconco kuyogotoka like a caterpillar.The gushing el – nino morale boosted my finger work and to my surprise, the ever soft spoken Kiconco started screaming a bit louder.“Am on the right track,” I thought.

As you all are aware, slay queens are not as shy as other belles. Kiconco grabbed my serpent which was ready to bite. She twisted, shook played with it as my middle finger continued investigating her abyss.“Enter me,” Kiconco finally begged. That was like ordering a fish to swim.

Without wasting time, I installed an anti – virus, swang into action. Sex with such experienced belles can be challenging. It’s more like preaching in a temple full of preachers. But thanks to sengas and belles tips, I’ve been hearing over the years, I knew it very well that it’s not proper to sink troops into Ituri forest before carpet bombing the area.

I hope you get what I mean.I kick started the ceremony with soft jazz. After doing soft jazz for about five minutes, Kiconco ordered me to go faster but around the ninth minute, I was so fast. Jazz was followed by missionary then magic mountain.

Now it so happened, I had swallowed a stamina booster in preparation for doing baby mama. Soon, we were like shooting a blue movie. Kiconco busy screaming like we were the only people on earth.However, Kiconco was busy calling out my name “Ooooh Mr. Hyena……you’re killing me.” She screamed. I tried cautioning her, but she was “no am not.” Then another time she was “I can’t help it.”

I silently thought her neighbors would protest any moment, however, Mrs. Tony and mama Nyai had gone on heat thanks to what we were doing.During a doggie, we broke the bed’s madinda. So we relocated the mattress to the floor. Once off the comfort of the bed, I worked Kiconco’s flooding river.

We worked ourselves until 5am when Kiconco bathed me and I sneaked out, walked to baby mama’s crib not aware Kiconco’s neighbors had heard everything.But since cousin told me about Mrs. Tony and mama Nyai, Iam busy working on them. I will fill you in on that after it happens.

Till then, I remain your truly, Mr.Hyena.


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