CASKET CURSE! Mr. Hyena nails food vendor inside coffin, gets juju master class


I had sex with a babe called Namagembe in Katwe sometime back. I had gone to the black man’s city to visit my OB Johnny who is in the coffin making business. It was at about 5:00pm when this babe came to demand for her money from Johnny. She claimed that Johnny had eaten food for three days and he was not willing to pay her.As she pleaded with Johnny to pay her, I was very much attracted by her voice. And since I wasn’t doing so badly that day, I decided to pay for Johnny’s accumulated bill.


I had a twenty thousand note and she wanted only three thousand shillings. You know, those babes who serve food have to walk so many miles trying to look for loose money, she returned after about 15minutes. As she handed me the balance, I grabbed her hand and I could feel the current flow between us.


I began sweet talking her and promised to introduce her the moment she accepted to shag with me. “Give me 30 minutes,” she said as she ran back to wherever she had come from. She came back after about fifteen minutes and I threw a mini party for myself, Namagembe, Johnny and Seka (Johnny’s workmate). I just bought a few bottles of beer for those who drink and some sticks of muchomo. We were seated outside and passersby started hurling a hell of so many insults at Namagembe which almost killed the mood. I looked around for a safer place and realized that Johnny’s coffin shop was kind of dark. Johnny must have read my mind because he signaled me to drag the ka babe to this shop.She gulped her beer very fast, it chocked her and she accused me of shooting her with my lovely eyes. That gave me an opportunity to dip my hand into her terribly warm pot. “Please, don’t say that you will put me in the mood,” she said while resting her head on my shoulder. She opened her legs widely and naturally my fingers went deeper. I was planning to eat her from the dirty floor, when I saw a big open coffin on the ground. I rushed out, gave Johnny one thousand shillings and told him to get us condoms. He ran like he was demon possessed and within a flash, he returned with two packets of Protector condoms.


I just cannot remember what I did to get Namagembe into the coffin but all I remember was seeing her complaining that we were doing something that is abominable. I assured her that people do it every day some even use them as their beds. She believed me and I fingered her some more then moved into the coffin and lay on top of her. Her legs couldn’t open widely because the coffin wasn’t big enough. I then told her to move her legs out of the coffin. When she did this, I got a chance to finger drill her properly. She must have cum because she looked weak inside the coffin. So I rolled a condom onto my monster, pulled her thread like knickers aside and entered her extremely hot Kandahar. It was such a wonderful experience that I did not even imagine that we were in the box of death. I didn’t even feel like finishing. I pulled out and put the used condom away, jazzed her thing for a moment before rolling on another one. She was wiggling her waist like she had no other chance.


It was getting late, so she suggested that we should change location to her home in Nkere zone where I stayed for a week. One fateful evening, I decided to go back home, she did not know I was in the house. She spread so many newspapers on the floor and defecated on the newspapers. She then wrapped a towel around her waist and threw the feaces in the trench that separated our house that run through the slum. She then poured water in the basin and bathed from the house. She then pulled a pipe from her bag and started smoking it while calling different men’s names including mine. She smoked as she smeared her thighs and boobs then called on the spirits to bar me from seeing other women and give her everything that she ever asks for. The whole room filled with different allergic fumes, I held my breath till I couldn’t do it anymore. I coughed and coughed and she jumped up, dived to the door, open it and ran out naked. I followed her calling her to come back to me but she was too fast for me. I sat and waited for her in her house but she did not return. At around 1:00am, I gave up and decided to go back to my place. I called off the affair but Namagembe will forever hold a place in my heart as she was the first and only woman I had sex with in a coffin.

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