DI Secures another Multi-Million US Dollar Deal in Ghana

After a year of partnering with the Liberian government to construct houses in the West African Country, Arua based Development Infrastructure (DI) company has secured another multi-million US Dollar deal in Ghana.

In the new partnership with the government of Ghana, DI will construct an industrial park worth USD300m and two markets worth USD30m in Kumasi. The projects will be funded by the government of Ghana.

Eng. Aita stresses a point as Atsu (2R), Flynn and Darkoa look on during the press briefing in Arua town on Sunday. PHOTO BY ANDREW COHEN AMVESI

While addressing a joint press conference with a team from Ghana in Arua town on Sunday, Eng. Joel Aita, the DI Chairman said besides the two government projects, they also intend to build an Eco-City worth USD800m in a private-partnership with Tecia Consult Limited, a company in Ghana.

“The Ministry of Finance of Ghana wants us to engage in a number of projects; one is, they have given us 3,500 Acres of land in Kumasi. This is the land that has been ear-marked for Industrial Park development. Basically, not just an Industrial Park but a free trade zone where Investors who go to set up factories there would not pay taxes for the next ten years,” Aita explained.

“So, the Government of Ghana has now ear-marked that place in Kumasi and they have given us that land to be developed. We will now be able to secure some financing from the government of Ghana and we put infrastructure in that place which will include; roads power and water so that once the place has been developed with the necessary infrastructure, different factories can now be established there,” Aita, also the Executive Director of Joadah Consult added.

He said still in Kumasi, the government of Ghana also gave them land to develop two markets similar to the one constructed by the company in Arua City.

Aita said Joadah Consult will do the design of the projects while the construction works will entirely be done by DI.

The magnificent Arua Hill Stadium and Business Park which is under construction. PHOTO BY ANDREW COHEN AMVESI

“Thirdly, through a private company, we have also secured 600 Acres of land in a place where the government of Ghana intends to build a new Airport out of Accra City and that is where we are going to build an Eco-City. We are going to do that with one of our partners in Ghana (Tecia Consult Ltd),” Aita remarked.

Aita said following the agreement with the government of Ghana, the Ministry of Finance decided to send a team led by Emmanuel Atsu to Uganda to see the different projects being undertaken by DI and Joadah Consult. The projects include; the newly constructed Arua Main Market, Adroa and School roads in Arua City, Arua Hill Business Park and Stadium which is under construction, the refurbished Yumbe Regional Referral Hospital, Mulago National Referral Hospital, Kayunga Hospital and part of Namanve industrial park in Kampala.

In his remarks, Atsu said their partnership with DI and Joadah Consult is a strategic alliance which he believes will go a long way round to solve some of the major challenges in Africa.

“I was really impressed to see all the projects Eng. Aita has worked on it. Sometimes you see things on paper or computer and all that you get impressed alright, but seeing that physically on ground is an amassing attribute! I was telling him that as soon as we finish the projects in Ghana, the same should be reduplicated across Africa to change the narrative in the continent,” Atsu said.

“We are working on a number of projects in Ghana and actually across the West African sub-region. We have already secured the land from the government for the Industrial Park which has a residential aspect attached to it. The area is a strategic zone within Ghana. We also have the market projects we are working on and also a private Eco-City which will sit on 600 Acres of land. I believe that will change the narrative in Africa,” Atsu stressed.

Sandra Darkoa Ofori, the Director of Tecia Consult Ltd congratulated Aita upon the innovative projects he has come up with especially in Uganda.

“When we went to the stadium (Arua Hill Stadium), the very interesting thing there is how he has business-strategized the stadium to function on its own. For instance, when he came to Ghana, we really discussed the fact that most stadiums after football, they don’t have any resources coming in. So, to see such a significant stadium that is going to function with Hotels, Banks, Pharmacies; that is a very strategic position for Africa,” Darkoa said.

Meanwhile Ruth Flynn Makwembo, a business partner from the United Kingdom said her government through the UK Export Finance is already working in partnership with Joadah Consult on some of the projects, adding that she is in Africa because of the projects they are about to start in Ghana.

Early last year, DI and the government of Liberia signed a 10-year agreement to enable the company to undertake different projects in the country starting with the construction of 300 housing units worth Ugandan shillings 40 billion. The work is currently ongoing.

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