Hon Anifa Kawooya joins Quality Chemicals Limited in Malaria Fight around Kampala slums

With only two days to World Malaria Day, the Ministry of Health has joined hands with Quality Chemicals Limited to fight Malaria. Through their partnership with Bayer SouthEast Africa, Quality Chemicals Limited had earlier on in the week announced the availability of Fludora® Fusion, a highly efficacious indoor residual spray pesticide for malaria vector control to the Ugandan private Market.

The product (Fludora Fusion,) along with the previous efforts of Quality Chemicals Limited, were specially commended by the Ministry Of Health representatives at the launch, for championing a great fight against Malaria. It is to this same effect, that the State Minister for Health in charge of General Duties Hon Anifa Kawooya spared time to join the fight.

Hon Anifa Kawooya led a contingent of experts in Malaria Vector control fumigation from Quality Chemicals Limited and Bayer International,  to Kileku, a slum in Bweyogerere, Wakiso district.  With the aid of the team, she demonstrated to the public in Kileku, a slum prone to accelerated Malaria spread because its environment set up harbors so many mosquitoes, how to use Indoor Residue Spray remedies like Fludora Fusion to combat Malaria spread.

While speaking to the present residents of Kileku, she advised the communities to adopt modern ways of fighting malaria.“Some mosquitoes are resistant to the conventional ways of spraying, so it is important for the public to adopt vector control mechanisms that have a broader spectrum of combating measures and active ingredients. Indoor Residue Sprays like Fludora Fusion are faster, cost-effective, and have longer periods of effectiveness. Communities have got to come together and pool resources to the effect of Malaria control in the event that they can’t afford it,“ said Hon Anifa Kawooya.


The General Manager of Quality Chemicals, Ajay Mahadik thanked the Minister for making time to spread the word of Malaria control. He then explained to the residents of Kileku that there is a need for them to understand how mosquitoes that spread Malaria work if they are to effectively control them.


“The Anopheles Mosquitoes that spread Malaria are most effective in the wee hours of the night. You are therefore most likely to encounter the Malaria infection when you’re asleep. This then means that the best way to avoid them is by keeping them out of the house with Fludora Fusion. Once sprayed on the walls, which is exactly where mosquitoes land when they enter a house, they are killed immediately. As Quality Chemicals Limited, we pledge unwavering support to the Malaria fight in Uganda, as we have always done in the past. This product, like many others in the past, is testimony that Quality Chemicals Limited is committed to creating a Malaria Free Uganda,” explained Ajay Mahadik.


Ajay Mahadik added that Fludora® Fusion is the first Indoor Residual Spray (IRS) product for malaria vector control with two unrelated active ingredients that have two different modes of action. The application of Fludora® Fusion WP SB, therefore, provides better efficacy against susceptible and resistant mosquitoes.


“Fludora® Fusion WP SB is available in 100g sachet. Which are mixed with 10L (in a sprayer without constant flow valve) or 7,5L (in a sprayer with constant flow valve) of clean water and applied on a 250m2 of wall surface,” added Mahadik.


About Quality Chemicals Limited

For over 24 years, Quality Chemicals Limited has led the Ugandan fight against Malaria. QCL’s 360-degree mechanism of prevention, testing, and treatment of Malaria has orchestrated sequences of proven solutions in the fight against Malaria.  Quality Chemicals Limited, a leading supplier of life science solutions across human, public, animal, and crop health has intensified the fight against Malaria by partnering with Bayer Environmental Sciences to become the official distributors of Fludora Fusion in Uganda for the private market”, concluded Ajay Mahadik.


Fludora Fusion is available at select distributors and stockists in Uganda.


About Bayer and its Environmental Science subdivision


Bayer is a life science company offering innovative products for pharmaceuticals, consumer health crop science, and in public health. Through its Environmental Science subdivision, the company is committed to fostering healthy environments where we live, work and play- enabling people and communities all over the world to live life to its full potential, helping them to thrive sustainably.

Bayer: “Science for a better life”.


In southeast Africa, we offer a comprehensive range of products for:

  • General insect control
  • Termite control
  • Integrated vector control

Our products are made to manage disease spreading & nuisance creating of pests like cockroaches, termites, mosquitoes, rodents, houseflies, ants, and locusts.


Renowned worldwide for superior quality and excellent efficacy, Bayer Environmental Science products are backed by years of intensive research and development. This makes them ideal for use in the highly demanding environment of hotels, commercial kitchens, restaurants, food handling establishments, hospitals, airports, railways, pharmaceutical plants, etc. All our products are evaluated and approved by credible organizations.For more information, please visit www.environmental science.bayer.co.za.




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