Ministry Of Health Is Aware Of Dr. Ssenfuka’s Research: Dr. Grace Nambatya

The ministry of health (MoH) has said that it is aware of Dr. David Ssenfuka and his Leonia-NNN Medical Research and Diagnostic Centre in Kasubi and that what is necessary at this level is for him to work closely with the ministry to see how to advance the drug to another level.

David Ssenfuka

According to director for research and natural chemo-therapeutics in the Ministry of Health Dr. Grace Nambatya Kyeyune, what is needed now David Ssenfuka a researcher in herbal medicine to collaborate with the ministry in developing his drug to cure cancer and diabetes to another level.

‘’The Ministry is aware of Ssenfuka’s research and that what is required at this level is for him to work closely with the ministry to see how to advance the drug to another level’’, she said.

In a meeting with Rotarians of the Muyenga Club-Kampala, Dr. Ssenfuka noted that the first stage of testing this drug is complete and the next step is to go back to the (MOH) so that it organizes a procedure that goes to the Science Technology Innovation and Office of the President where the budget for funding development of such projects is.

In his remarks, Ssenfuka highlighted that their advancement is currently hindered by a lack of resources and other challenges.

Ssenfuka was grateful that Muyenga Rotary Club and the Ministry of Health are willing to work hand in hand with him to see that his drug is funded.

Ssenfuka further noted that with the funding, patients will easily access the drug considering that it will be in the hands of custodians.

Using herbal remedies handed down to him by his late grandmother, Ssenfuka first treated a diabetic Pakistani friend he met in Dubai where he was working and living.

Having cured hundreds of patients in the traditional way his grandmother did many years ago, which was outside of the purview of the state, Dr Ssenfuka, in pure patriotic spirit, wants to mainstream his cures. He has to subject them to “modern science” and approval by his state.

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