PICTORIAL: Here is how Douglas Lwanga’s Unveiled ‘Purple Klinic Foundation’ Will Transform Youths

In yet another exciting initiative, prominent TV personality Douglas Lwanga has unveiled a youth empowerment skilling project dubbed ‘The Purple Klinic Foundation’.

Douglas Speaks to Youths at Purple Skills Klinic Headquarters in Bukoto

Headquartered at Bukoto Mulimira Zone, near Kampala International school of Uganda (KISU), Purple Skills Klinic Foundation is a registered NGO licensed to operate countrywide, and is regulated by the NGO Bureau of Uganda. Its main objective is Skills training interventions as a solution to youth unemployment around the country.

“Three years ago, I and my team had this dream but like most of us, i was afraid to start. I knew it required a lot of expertise, resources and time to execute. So, I left the idea on my laptop telling myself I would do it one day’’, noted Douglas.

He said that he did not get started ; ‘’Until 2020 during lock down when i met a friend and a partner Peter Kisakye I am grateful we can now unveil it to you at this stage. It’s been a lot of sleepless nights putting this organization together but yes we thank God thus far he’s brought us’’, he revealed.

On what inspired him to start the foundation, Douglas noted that through his work on television and his events, he interacts with so many youth.

The Purple Klinic Foundation

‘’Some are looking for jobs while others just need financial help to survive the day. This situation escalated during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Unemployment is not a problem of those that haven’t gone to school or the uneducated, but rather one that cuts across both the educated and uneducated’’, said Douglas.

Some of the short courses and Master Classes will include among others; ICT and Digital courses, Cosmetology, Fashion and modeling, Creative arts, Media skills and Linguistics.

The Purple Klinic Foundation

‘’We all agree it’s difficult to get a job because there so many job seekers chasing the very few available jobs. However what if we thought differently. a) Job seeker, Is there anything you are skilled in as you hunt for that ideal job? b) Graduate, What skills do you have besides your academic transcript? c) Employed youth, Is there something else you can do outside your formal employment? d) Unemployed Youth, what are you able to do if you completely fail to get a job. Do you have plan B or any other skills to employ yourself? ‘’, he further noted.

Rescinding his life experience, Douglas noted that; ‘’ The story started way back at Campus. I went to do my BA Mass com degree at MUK but after completing that degree I only had both theory and my transcript but no practical skills to work in a broadcast house (Radio/TV) at a time. I worked for 2 years at a small production house as a camera man filming weddings and events with my ka degree.”

The Purple Klinic Foundation

He added; “At this place, I learnt hands on Skills in video editing, Graphics and animation, plus live events production. This right here is what got me my first TV job at Record TV as a camera man to later becoming a TV personality and is now also my side hustle when am not on TV. I do events, graphics and animation and I know most of the things around production.”

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