THANK U&BYE BYE! Frank Walusimbi’s next destination revealed

15 years later, Frank Walusimbi calls it a day at NTV Uganda as he heads abroad for greener pastures. Walusimbi on Thursday night ended his fifteen year journey with NTV.
After reading his last bulletin, colleagues and friends at the station waved goodbye to him in a teary moment.
“This is the last bulletin I am anchoring. Who knows in future, God willing, whether I will make a return? Thank you for standing with me,” Frank Walusimbi said.
However, we have landed on exclusive information from one of his very close friends that Walusimbi is heading to the U.S. for greener pastures.
Our source also informs us that he is currently finishing up with his paperwork and board the plane.
Walusimbi joined NTV Uganda in 2006 after a brief stint at sister newspaper, Daily monitor.
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