VISIONARY! MP Mpaka Donates 8000 Chicks to Boost Incomes of Mbarara City South Farmers

Poultry farmers in Mbarara City South have received thousands of chicks donated by their legislator Mwine Mpaka Rwamirama.

The multi-million project is aimed at advancing household incomes and gives a push to urban –Poultry farmers in Mbarara city South Constituency.

Some of the Beneficiaries

While handing over the chicks to beneficiaries, Mpaka said it is his role to support government intervention programs that transform communities into middle income states.

While delivering the over 8000 one month old chicks, the legislator said he will ensure send a  team that will visit the homes of constituents to provide guidance on the construction of houses for the chicks, correct management and sustainability of poultry keeping.

“Lobbying the chicks and offering training to the farmers in Mbarara South is our way of encouraging stakeholders to take up poultry keeping. This is a huge contributor to the country’s economy and helps to sustain food security and reduce poverty.”

He added that proper training for chicken rearing is the cornerstone of successful poultry business which will help thousands of people to enter and remain in poultry farming and that every stage from receiving chicks to marketing the end product whether it is meat, or eggs are important.

This is to confirm to you that I brought my own incubator and brooder using my own Money. Those saying that this is a Government project, we are very sorry this is Team Mpaka’s Project. This project is continuous and we intend to give it to everybody that is interested in poultry farming in Mbarara city south. We shall ensure that the project is successfu’’Mpaka assured farmers.

MP Mwine Mpaka

Mpaka further urged farmers to keep the birds in a good chicken house as this is very important in poultry keeping because it has to provide the chickens with a comfortable environment.

‘’It also needs to protect the birds from the extremities of the prevailing weather such as the rain, wind and sunshine. We shall continue training you on poultry feeding, brooding (provision of heat and ventilation for young chicks), health and disease control, hygiene, sanitation and financial management’’, he noted.

Beneficiaries including youth and women hailed Mpaka for the empowerment projects which they say would not only improve poultry farming in the area but generally household income.

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