Glamour as Totoya –Led Team Chairman Brings Vigor at Entebbe Gen.Muhoozi Birthday Fete

The commonly dubbed Team Chairman MK Project headed by Toyota Nuwagira Michael on Saturday added excitement among the guests of Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba at Entebbe Cricket Grounds during the main 48th birthday celebrations.

At the event, graced by Muhoozi friends and fans from across Uganda, Toyota’s team colorfully arrived donned in black trousers and white shirts bearing a portrait the former pulling attention from the participants especially those who had heard about their countrywide mobilization for the General’s birthday gigs.

Following the iconic birthday gig at Lugogo Cricket oval in kampala organized by Toyota Nuwagira who is Gen.Muhoozi’s uncle, fans in different parts of Uganda have subsequently held similar events to celebrate his birthday.

These were Ishaka, Fort Portal, Rukungiri, Rwampara among other places. Commenting on the Fort Portal celebrations held on Thursday night, Muhoozi observed.

Speaking to his fans at Entebbe on Saturday ,Gen.Muhoozi thanked friends ,colleagues and his family, as they joined him to express gratitude to the millions of young Ugandans and East Africans, who have given a whole new life and meaning to what began as a simple call to celebrate my 48th birthday.

‘’It is this unexpected wave that has humbled me immensely. That a simple birthday celebration has offered an entry into wide and varied discussions–but importantly those where our young people reflect on their critical role in nation building. I could not individually reach all the millions of young people who have chosen to celebrate and make greater meaning out of [email protected], explaining why I decided that a representative section meets here today so that by thanking them, I thank the millions others out there’’, said Gen. Muhoozi added that the birthday parties attracting people from all walks of life symbolize the unity as a nation and unshakeable determination to achieve a prosperous future.

Gen.Muhoozi , who went ahead to reorganize Toyota’s effort  revealed that when he extended the invitation to his guests to come to Entebbe Cricket Ground, it is not because they couldn’t have a bite or drink in their own homes but rather that they congregate because they are kinsmen and women, united by a strong bond of common purpose and belief.

‘’As most of you are aware, a couple of weeks back, as my 48th birthday approached, I mooted the idea, using my Twitter handle, that we use the occasion to celebrate our spirit of resilience and our brotherhood, especially considering the tough season we had been through caused by the Covid-19 pandemic’’, he added.

He further thanked the organizing committee of the Entebbe function led by Hon. Kiryowa Kiwanuka, for organizing a get-together party.

According to Ugandans, Lugogo’s event organized by Toyota birthed a lot of confidence among Gen.Muhoozi’s supporters to openly celebrate his birthday around the country.

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