Airtel Uganda Launches smart Plans that offer convenience to Businesses and Families.

By Our Reporter

Airtel Uganda on Wednesday launched Airtel Smart Plans, a new service that allows Airtel customers to enjoy data, voice, and SMS resources in a single access.

The Airtel SmartPlans can be activated by customers in the comfort of their offices, living rooms or boardrooms by dialling *188# without the need to trek to Service Centres. They will be able to pay for the service using Airtel Money.


Speaking about the new product, Mr. Amit Kapur, Chief Commercial Officer at Airtel Uganda noted that; “We are pleased to introduce the Airtel Smart Plans that have been designed to enable our customers to access a one-stop solution for businesses, families and people who offer professional services.  The Airtel Smart Plans offer data, voice, and SMS resources in a single post-paid, hustle free access.”

He added, “At Airtel Uganda we continue to innovate and adjust our affordable product and service portfolio to support businesses to thrive. We are the technology enabler, of choice, as Ugandan Businesses journey to full recovery”.


Airtel Smart Plan customers will be able to share these resources using Tugabane, receive one-month free ShowMax Subscription on DSTV, receive one-month free Airtel TV Subscription, have priority service whenever they call the Call Centre, and have preferential roaming rates to all travel destinations.

The Airtel Smart Plans are categorized into platinum and gold, with the platinum package going for Ugx250,000 monthly that comes with 150GB, 2,000 minutes, 1,000 SMS, free Airtel TV and 30 days free ShowMax for the first month. The gold package on the other hand goes for Ugx150,000 that comes with 75GB, 2,000 minutes, 1,000 SMs, Free Airtel Tv monthly and 30 days free ShowMax for the first month.

Additionally, Airtel Uganda’s new Airtel Smart Plans package will allow customers to access a 30-Day Free subscription to MultiChoice’s ShowMax, an online subscription video-on-demand entertainment service accessible to customers across the country.

“Airtel has consistently invested in innovative solutions that are relevant to the customers, intended to offer value for their money while maintaining superior experiences as they connect to opportunities across the world” Amit concluded.


Henry Njoroge; the Airtel Uganda Marketing Director said that the solution is available to everyone subscribed on the network anywhere in the country. When asked about the cost of the packages and its affordability across the economic divide, he had this to say: “It depends on your needs, but if you look at what we are providing as a package, it is actually good enough. This package is targeting heavy data users, but we also cater for all users in the network.”

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