ALUR BLISS! Mr.Hyena Trapped by  bonny boring slay queen,  finds bliss in Ajon seller

Sometimes being a celebrity can be hectic. You get the chance of mingling with people you least expected to meet. Last weekend, while at the party, I happened to chat up a manager at one of the leading condom suppliers in Uganda.

As we cracked some jokes, he told me that a copy of yours truly (Daily/Red Pepper) is an essential element of his daily diet because of my tales.


He suggested that I could as well grace their billboards since I was their number one customer. I thought that it was a joke so I just laughed it off but two days later, he called me to go and practice on how to pose for their billboard photos.

I was overjoyed, I was even willing to offer my services at no cost but he offered cool 20million shillings, so you can imagine how loaded I am. He told me my entire image had to be changed, so I was booked into one of the modeling agencies in town where I was supposed to be groomed.

Whopper Space Race

All the bu-babes at that agency threw themselves at me after knowing who I was, but the big boss who happens to be a woman barked at me, after finding her skinny babes(models) surrounding me, she made it clear to me that in house bonking was prohibited.

She told me that I had to keep my zip tight if I was to stay long at her agency while undergoing training. After the boss had left, Eva one of the models who had showed determination to be shafted told me that one can always bonk as long as she is not on duty.

Although I tried hard to keep my zip tight, this Eva babe always provoked me to shaft her until I one day gave in, after all I was born to shaft babes. We agreed to meet at some hotel in town where she told me to ride her like a diggie motor bike.

Whereas she has a car, I decided to board a taxi so that no one smelt a rat. I was there at the agreed time and after taking many bottles of Uganda Waragi coconut flavor, she became too horny that she asked me to shaft her there and then. Since I had always wanted to shaft her, I was quick to condomise my whopper and mounted a close inspection of her worshiped body by many guys around town.

Dry Skinny Kandahar

Although Eva had that killer scent that normally sends my whopper rioting, her body structure was a put off. She was all bones. Wherever I touched something hard pierced me. I tried touching her Kandahar but it was also bones with very little lubrication. I gave her finger job for over a good thirty minutes before she could release the tiniest of juice.

And even when she did her twinnies were no-existence and tiny droplets were too cold. I had nothing good to praise about her. I even wonder about those horny guys who offer to buy for those skinny models cars in exchange for their Kandahars.

So I tried talking some sweet nothing tales to praise her of which I am sure she got to know of because at one point, I lied to her that she had a Jennifer Lopez bum yet she is bum less.

Out of Bounds

I didn’t know what the matter was with this babe, although she is the one who over insisted on my shafting her, some of her body parts were out of bounds. Like whenever I would try to praise her hair, she would fuss and sit upright and tell me not touch and disorganize her hair. As for finger-scopy, she would direct me where and how to do it, that she feared I would make her a manhole which would make her lose value. Then I don’t know whether she has a Senga or not, she couldn’t even twist her tiny kabum like the rest of the well groomed babes do. She just let me sweat it out alone and what I did was also to pretend that I was climaxing.


I quickly withdrew my dongle and thanked her for having had a very sweet Kandahar. Not satisfied inside me, I dressed up very fast, left her in the lodge and went to fulfill my manly desire with Akot, the babe whose mother sells Ajono in Kisenyi.

I met Akot a few days ago through a friend when we went to her mother’s drinking joint. On spotting this beautiful babe, I became a constant customer. I would chat up the babe whenever the mother wasn’t seeing. She somehow picked interest in me and when I suggested that all along I have been dying to feel her river between she never gave me a hard time.

There and then, I ordered her mother to give each customer a round on my account and told her daughter to come and pick the money later on. She never suspected anything. I left everyone shouting abewo Hyena (long live Hyena) as I went to roast her daughter in a nearby lodge. She gave me her all and I did everything to her expectations. I first assembled my favorite Hyena jazz band, to make sure that she manufactures much fluid for easy entrance and exit. Then I turned her for a share of my doggie style for a deep penetration. She sang all her heart out; she went like “ameri ku cwinya ceke, ibi dwongo kamdhe, kud ijiki!” (Hyena, I love you with all my heart, you are hitting the right place, please don’t stop, hit that clit until it wilts!). My whopper was swelling by the minute and kept tick toking wanting to have more of her Kandahar.

What was supposed to be a quickie became a longie. When I felt her Kandahar muscles expand and contract, I knew that she was about to climax, I worked harder for my own and we came at the same time. She got a very dirty handkerchief from her pocket, rubbed my whopper, held me tight and said “afoyo sana mungu ukonyi” (thank you very much, may God bless you). I gave her the mum’s money and an extra ten thousand shillings note and promised to come back another day. I forgot all about Eva and I don’t intend to bonk any other model, however hard they try to lure me. Akot is now the queen that has taken my heart. Eeeh, by the way, don’t be surprised when one of these days you see me on billboards. They will be paying me for the work well done-shafting you babes.

Till then, I remain yours truly, Mr.Hyena.


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