Flying Squad To Deal With Arua Criminal Gangs – RCC

By Andrew Cohen Amvesi

Twaibu Achile, the Arua Deputy Resident City Commissioner (RCC) in charge of the Central Division has revealed that they intend to use the police flying squad to deal with the criminal gangs in Arua City.

Achile while speaking to the Red Pepper in his office on Monday. PHOTO BY ANDREW COHEN AMVESI

Achile’s revelation follows the increasing number of high-way theft especially in the town centre and its suburbs by the criminals.

“We are aware there are some groups which have now devised a mean of riding on a motorcycle, grab your phone and they speed off. So, we are trying to also see how we can engage the flying squad to handle them,” Achile told this journalist in his office on Monday.

“This is not a one day thing to handle, but it is a continuous process which we are going to handle. There are those who grab phones at night, slap you and take off. We are also trying to come up with a solution for them,” Achile added.

He said a good number of the criminals were rounded up during Easter and Eid Day, charged and produced in court while those who were found innocent were cautioned and released.

“However, you know the situation where somebody grabs your phone when they are on a Boda Boda and drives off is a highly specialized mode of theft. So, we need the flying squad to also devise their own means of handling such criminals,” Achile emphasized.

He said the flying squad has-ever handled such criminals including car thieves across the border. The RCC promised that they will engage the officer in charge of the flying squad to step in to curb the new mode of criminality in Arua City.

“Our people should now have trust in us as the office of the President. His Excellency the President is concerned with the security of his people, protecting them and their property and that is what we are looking forward to. Our office is ready to do that and ready to move on and help the population,” Achile said.

According to Achile, they intend to pick all the ring leaders of the various criminal gangs in Arua so as to weaken the different cells they have built in the city over the last few years.

“Dealing away with those cells is only about picking those core ones. The key leaders once picked, their system will be destabilized automatically and that is what we are going to do. We are swinging in action to pick the ring-leaders to disorganize their intentions,” Achile remarked.

Currently, there are several groups of criminal gangs in Arua City known to security including the self-proclaimed Fire Eaters, Janjamin, Good life, Kebir Nu and High Street boys who have been terrorizing locals in different parts of the city.

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