I bewitched my man- Gorgeous Shakiraa confesses in a song “Teriba” (Mundeku)

Super gorgeous and fast rising singer Shakira Shakiraa has released a new club banger dubbed “Teriba (Mundeku) to her music fans and nation at large. Shakiraa uploaded the masterpiece on her youtube channel.

 In just one day the song  is hitting 20k viewers on youtube. Now that explains why she is on the road to the top.

Now I get my question answered well. A couple of weeks ago, I was involved in an industry grapevine chat about the fast rising of Ugandan artists and especially about this cute young girl ,Shakiraa  I asked the question: who is handling Shakiraa?

The answer was: TNS manages her– that certainly explains a lot. It explains why Shakiraa is set to feature more frequently on the charts.

She  is really promising and features a wonderful diverse array of musical abilities.

Personally, I have no one to compare Shakiraa to in terms of singing ability, but she is a solid talent in her own right.

Teriba her latest single, is a lovely song that brings out a message about bewitching the love of your life.

In the song, the natural light skinned cute girl perfectly brings out the idea that one can actually go the African way and bewitch the love of his or her life not to share him or her.

She goes on to sing about her man. She says, after putting him under some charm, Now she is having peace and enjoying him alone.

You find yourself listening to every detail in the song to the very end of it once it plays.

Directed by Aaronaire, and produced by Kesh, Teriba ( Mundeku)  is also a vibey track with urban beats that evoke your inner vibe and drag you to the dancefloor, yet still keeping you in your feelings. The song was written by Shon wiz.

Also, Shakiraa dedicates the song to her fans and media houses that have shown her love and support for the past few years.

“For all the love you’ve given me my lovely people, my family, my team, my management, all media houses, promoters, Djs, bloggers, and lastly, thank you God” she said.

Watch the song here;


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