Mao Tasks Gov’t to Expedite Supporting Dr. Ssenfuka’s Research in Cancer, Diabetes Cure at Muslims Iftar Dinner

The Democratic Party (DP) president, Norbert Mao, has asked the government to expedite the process of supporting Dr. David Ssenfuka, the man behind the herbal medicine that cures cancer and diabetes.

A Collage of Dr. Ssenfuka and Mao

While hosting Muslims at the Iftar Dinner held at the party headquarters in Mengo, Kampala organized by Uganda’s oldest political party, Mao urged the Ugandan government to advance supporting Herbalists , adding that it doesn’t not only help the country but the whole globe.

‘’Government should expeditiously support Dr. Senfuka’s research on the drugs that cure Diabetes and cancer if our country and the world are to benefit from it’’, he noted.

He added that when Ssenfuka’s drugs are approved and go to the international market, the country benefits more.

The DP President used the same event to advise politicians against being hostile over their counterparts, asserting that all leaders should work towards the development of the country.

‘’Politicians should learn to forgive those who have done the country wrong and peacefully work together with them to improve. Attacking fellow politicians due to simple misunderstandings puts the country at stake and it’s a lay man that will end up suffering because if there are misunderstandings, there’s always poor service delivery’’, Mao said .

On his part, Ssenfuka urged the public to embrace the culture of always taking medical check-ups and get early treatment in case they are found with any disease.

They congratulated Muslims in Uganda and around the world for completing the holy month of Ramadan.

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