Rafael, a Ugandan who has turned ‘social media’ into a profession, reaping Big

Uganda’s top online music distributor, Promoter Rafael, real name Ayesiga Steven Rafael has surely made his mark in Uganda’s music industry in a unique style.

Rafael is one young man that has gained from the evolution of internet and social media. He has specialized in Marketing Ugandan music to the whole world using different channels like Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer, and branding artists on google.

Born on 15 February 1994, Rafael spent most of his early childhood and education in Fort Portal, Kabarole district. He was this creative child even at tender age. His parents and teachers wondered what kind of human being would he turn into. He loved things with technology. No wonder he has turned his childhood passion into a profession.

He started his music promotion career at a tender age and this was primarily out of passion not minding about money primarily. He first worked with Eno Beats a music producer based in Makindye, Kampala.

From here, he got to hobnob with top musicians like Maro Uganda, Zulitums, Record Elah Butida, Jowy Landa, Gen Mega Dee, Shakira Shakiraa, Diamond Oscar, Brian Avie and Blackskin Mwalimu.

He then managed to make friends with them after several successful projects. The same musicians frequently mentioned his name in their songs. This kept exposing to the entire music industry.

Trending songs like ANJAGALA by Maro Uganda, Oluvannyuma by ZULITUMS and Nali Wandanga by Gen Mega Dee have a brain of Promoter Rafael in them as he was one of the reasons for their trending.

He’s currently one of the inspirational youths in society because of his life changing story that he could share with anyone when met in person.

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