RAW HUMOR! Mr.Hyena on a fact finding mission, discovers why Hajjati Masitula’s daughter can’t keep men

A mother once paid me to eat her daughter!

 Moms are indeed the most loving, caring and concerned of the two parents. Starting with chickens, all the cock does is donate its semen and let the hen carry all the burden.

Mothers the world over do for their children things fathers will never do, from praying, slaying and in some cases stealing for them. Mothers do it all.

In early 2019, I was out chilling with Mike and his sugar mummy hajati Masitula (not real names) – who together with her loving husband, co owns a mega hardware in town, when a golden chance pounced on me.

Now, this hajati,  knows me inside out. She knows I am a prolific woman-eater, who on top of servicing her friend Melda, also  services other women and have a legion of children. Despite all this, she employed me to give her daughter happiness.

This chance could have gone to someone else, it was merely being in the right place at the right time.

As we enjoyed a meal, hajati’s daughter Shamimu called and informed her how Sharifah was crying buckets of tears.

Hajati lost appetite, she wore a long sad face prompting Mike to ask what the matter was.

Since we are in hajati’s inner circle, she told us how three months back her daughter’s fifth husband had run away.

“Fifth husband!” Mike exclaimed. Only for hajati to tell us how men use and dump her daughter almost every year.

On hearing that, I thought, the daughter was a fat, manner-less and figureless hippo-like belle, but then as if reading my brain, hajati said, “she’s the most beautiful of all my daughters.”

Then went on to wonder why men keep dumping her. “Her recent husband was a poor man, in whom I have invested a lot of money, hoping he would tolerate my daughter’s problems, but if he too run away, there must be something wrong with my gal”.

Only for Mike to jump in suggesting hajati deploys me to carry out a compressive report on the daughter. Mike’s words almost gave me a heart attack. It was more like what the baganda calls talking dirty to the woman about her daughter.

However, as always, hajati calmly asked what Mike meant and he was like,” Hyena can chew her and find out what the problem is.”

 On hearing that, I expected Mike to earn a slap, but that wasn’t the case. I also didn’t expect hajati to buy the idea, but she did. Just like that.

However, I resisted because the idea didn’t seem right. “Hajati , I handed in my gun,” I said, only for her to tell me how I was to go pick it up.

On hearing that, I claimed to be broke only for hajati to hand me a whole million of shillings and tell me how I wasn’t to spend my own penny on the matter. “I will give you all the money you need……do all it takes. I want you to get to the bottom of this problem once and for good!”

Hajati gave me the daughter’s numbers and tips I could use to introduce myself. “Just claim she gave you the number when you bought stuff at the hardware store.”

I promised to start the job the following day. And the following day, I called Sharifah and introduced myself. Next, I told her how I liked her so much and that she was the reason I frequently buy my construction materials at their hardware store.

Being a woman, Sharifah wouldn’t accept right away, she instead beat around the bush, giving reasons such as, “I am a happily married woman and be it I wasn’t,  it’s  against company rules to go out with clients.”

But since I had inside info plus a green light from the boss, I didn’t relent. I spent the following two weeks sending her sweet texts through which I poured out my heart. On the fourteenth day, Sharifah texted telling me how she had seven children.

“Really…….you must be a fertile woman,” I shot back before asking how many children she was to produce for me. To that she replied telling me how her womb was removed.

The following day, I  begged for a chance to have a drink or meal with her.”First come to the shop and I see you,” Sharifah replied.

A day later, shortly after 11am, I went into their shop and walked over to Sharifah and swept her off her feet. She promised to meet me after work.

6pm found us together however she brought along two friends to grill me. Between 6pm to 10pm when we parted, I was asked all kinds of questions from how many wives and children I had to what my objective over Sharifah was.

“What do you love about her?” Jackie asked. I had been expecting that question since I started hitting on Sharifah and so had prepared my answers. “Well, I will say everything……..my love for her is an innuendo of everything she does. I love her dress code, composure, even her body size and height.”

After parting ways, Sharifah’s besties – Jackie and Aisha told her how she had finally found a man who would quench her starvation. You see, It so happened, my predecessor was a sexually weak and not creative lad.

They may have told her stuff like giving me-ko the following day to which Sharifah may have been like “I don’t sleep with guys, I’ve just met.” To which Jackie the boldest of all may have given her a thousand reasons to give me ko.

The next afternoon, which fell on a Saturday, Sharifah didn’t bring her friends along. Over snacks, I noticed how Sharifah was kwemola……which included kulola. Suspecting she wanted the black banana, I asked if it was okay to spend the night with me.

She replied telling me how it was impossible that her heart had been broken so many times, that she was to first study me for a long time, before even thinking of something like kissing.

But shortly after that, she cried of back pain to which I offered a massage service. And like with most of my victims, I promised not to go beyond the massage. I gave reasons such as, ‘I am a professional.”

Without much ado, we checked into a suite and spent several minutes checking out the place. We talked of the millions investors in the hotel are making.

Then finally, Sharifah asked how a massage is done. “Some clients prefer it naked, others half clothed.” To which she was, “what do you mean half clothed?”

“In your case, you would remove the hijab……..and maybe the bra.”

On hearing what she probably already knew, Sharifah excused herself to take a bath. The good thing I like about mature belles is they don’t waste time like secondary school girls.

Since I too had to shower, I decided to save water by following her to the bathroom. “Let’s save water,” I announced my arrival, freaking her a little bit.

“Go wait from there,” Sharifah ordered in a kiddish tone to which my answer was “We are going to have a nuru massage….so, I too should take a shower. But don’t worry, I won’t do anything.”

In no time, I was scrubbing her back, she relaxed, loosened up and she did the same to mine. We may have spent close to twenty minutes in the shower, so much about  saving water.

Thereafter, I dried and spread Sharifah on the bed and thoroughly massaged her, stimulating every particle that makes up our bodies. Ofcourse, my main member shot up like a Russian missile about to hit Kyiv.

It demanded for nothing else but Sharifah’s goodies.

Mind you, part of my brain was busy thinking about Sharifah’s mama hajati Mastula. Thinking things like this is my friend’s side dish’s daughter. My thoughts felt so loud, I worried she may hear them.

Finally, I reached for a packet of anti virus only for Sharifah to ask what they were for. “For this guy,” I pointed at my animal. “Are we still doing massage or something else?” Sharifah asked only for me to tell how I was now going to massage the inner parts.

I installed an anti virus moved between her legs and asked God to give me the stamina to drill this particular belle thoroughly. “Please God make him weak because he’s broken the agreement we made,” she said.

We spent the following four hours doing what you too love the most. Sharifah turned out to be tasteless and dull. Her abbssy was wide open like she had given birth to a mature elephant. To make matters worse, it was profusely oily.

If I wasn’t under the influence of a stamina booster plus fantasizing beautiful celebrities like Jazmine, I could have collapsed. I pretended to be enjoying it when in fact I wasn’t.

I unknowingly hit her G-spot twice causing whole body orgasms. Ofcourse, I didn’t know and since she was a new subject, I thought she was faking it. However, it was something that tantalized her to the core. She fell in total love with me.

Shortly after 2am, while in the shower, Sharifah asked if there were some things about her that she should improve. “Let’s see,” I said and pretended to be in deep thought for about a minute before saying.”You don’t have waist beads.”

‘Just waist beads?” Sharifah asked in a kiddish tone to which I was, “well also reduce the sugar….otherwise, I will fall sick due to so much sugar intake.”

Only for tasteless Sharifah to reply saying “but that’s how I was created.”

We spent Sunday in the hotel as well making love and chatting. “Where did you buy these?” I asked caressing her mega bat wings. “China,” She answered before asking me if I didn’t like them. But before I could provide an answer, Sharifah begged to know why my animal was very strong. “What do you feed it?”

Let’s meet tomorrow as I give you details of the comprehensive report I gave her mama.

Till then, I remain yours truly, Mr.Hyena.


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