Sexual Urge led me into a quickie with a fan in my car- Singer Spice Diana

A few days after rape accusations on singer Sheeba Karungi made rounds on social media, fellow musician Spice Diana has come out to reveal on of her inner secret as a woman.

While on an online chat show hosted by radio personalities KFM’s Doreen Nasasira and Bina baby, the singer confessed how at one time had sex in car after she failed to hold her sexual urge and surrendered her goodies to her lover who happened to be her music fan too  in  her car.

The moderators of the show asked her which is the strangest place  she has ever  had sex from, the Bagikona singer quickly said, “in the car.”

In the car, and it was nice. For such sweet things, even if you don’t fit in the car, you’ll find a way to fit in there. I can’t forget that first experience with my music fan,first boyfriend.


The singer also added that she he has had her controversial moments but she cannot forget this one time she got so horny and forgot her morals for a minute.

Spice Diana is an established brand that is respected widely by fans of all ages, from all walks of life.

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